Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Albury Wodonga parkrun

There is clearly a connection between wanting to update the blog and running more regularly again - my hamstring is still being stupid, but I seem to be able to run as long as I don't overstride! Also, am working on getting the little one running - we're still quite slow, but there a chance we could complete a parkrun in under an hour soon rather than needing a half-hour head-start to finish before the tail-runner. Of course, I'd also have to work on her motion sickness...

I went on a parkrun tourism binge in the time between my last proper entry and now - Albury Wodonga was the first I visited (way back on February 14), and as my hamstring was at peak annoyance then, I walked the course as the tail runner and did some photography too.

Easily my favourite photo of the day.

It's a very pretty course! If you're ever doing a Melbourne-Sydney trip (or vice-versa), I thoroughly recommend timing it so you can do this parkrun on the way. Of course, you could always do it as a Freedom run!

The course follows the Murray and is an out-and-back course, with about one-third of the course in Victoria. I figured that if I was going to try and complete all the Victorian parkrun courses, that I should complete those that included sections on Victoria too. Of the "old" courses, I still have Inverloch and Mornington to complete, and Traralgon and Warragul only just launched over the past two weekends! Sale, Altona Beach and Castlemaine are confirmed to be launching soon over the coming weeks, so I still have quite a way to go!

It's a border-crossing parkrun!
The Albury Wodonga parkrun course is on a mix of concrete and tarmac, and its meandering nature means that there are plenty of spots where you can see other parkrunners ahead of you - and behind if you weren't the tail runner!

parkrunners ahead - WAY ahead!

Unfortunately, there's a pinch point on the course about 400 m courtesy of a bridge. There's really not much that can be done about this as the start point is an area that gives them plenty of space for the 150-250 parkrunners they tend to get (as well as being the best spot with access to parking and toilets).

219 parkrunners with 5km to go! 
I'll have to find time to return one day to actually run it, but I just need my hamstring to settle down first!


  1. You're doing well trying to run all Parkruns in Victoria. Albury looks like a good course - I like O/Backs - like Tuggers, where you get to see all the other runners. Looks like it finishes in the park where the Nail Can Hill run used to finish. It's on my 'to run' list - perhaps for when I retire :-)

    1. I'm actually all parkrunned-out at the moment, and with a LOT of Victorian parkruns coming on board... it'll take me a while to get them all done!

      I think the secret to a good out-and-back is a wibbly-wobbly path. That way everything looks completely different from the other direction (so it feels like you're covering 5km of views rather than 2.5km) but you still get your high-fives. Oh, and not having the turn-around point in a ditch...