Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Westerfolds Wednesday: Double, no, Triple Trouble

6 parkruns in 3 weeks is quite exhausting - not only did Westerfolds parkrun have extra runs on both Christmas Day and New Year's Day, the New Year's Day event was a double-up with Diamond Creek parkrun! Plus Saturday's parkrun was hot. So I'm feeling a bit all-parkrunned-out!

I suppose I had it relatively easy on New Year's Day as I was the Run Director for the day! I found a ridiculous pair of "2015" sunglasses and donned them for the morning - although I have to sadly report that they did not fit under my visor when I went to run at Diamond Creek parkrun, and I don't run without a visor or cap unless I want to stop every few minutes to tie my hair up again!

I've always been the type to just chop my hair super-short when I reach this stage of length. But I am trying to persevere with it as it's virgin hair - chemically untainted. If I can grow it for another year or two (and not dye it, as tempting as being a red-head is), it'd be long enough to be donation hair.

New Year's Day, Westerfolds parkrun style
We ended up with a course record of 120 (13 more than our previous Course Record Attendance), and 85 of the 120 then headed up the road to Diamond Creek parkrun, along with a few of the volunteers for each parkrun event. One of the speedy parkrunners headed west to Highlands parkrun! No, I didn't trawl through everyone's results to dig that nugget out - he let me know on the day as he rushed off to his regular parkrun spot! I would have been tempted to do a Westerfolds/Berwick Springs double - but that didn't work out once I put my hand up to RD! Serves me right.

Despite the delayed 9.30am start, I still managed to be late to Diamond Creek parkrun as I needed to process the results before the kit was left with Emma, Saturday's RD. I was very good and didn't speed in the car, but did find myself running sub-PB-pace as I passed the tail-runner and finally spotted the familiar faces backs of Iwona and Nicole. I said hello, had a brief chat, and then rushed on to catch up with Jo, a Balyang Sanctuary regular who is a five30runner! She was at the Pakenham launch when I was timekeeping, and only ever attended Westerfolds parkrun when I was RD (our birthday party in October, and then that morning). I finally had my chance to run with her at Diamond Creek!

The late start meant I got a very nice view of parkrunners heading to the turn-around point AND parkrunners making their way back to the end! 
While I may not be the biggest fan of out-and-back courses, they do offer one thing that is pretty awesome - high-five opportunities!

High-fives (almost) everywhere!
Most people were pretty good at returning the high-fives. But a few found that wasn't their thing. Whatever - locusts and frogs! LOCUSTS AND FROGS!

And that was the New Year's Day Double! Well, mostly. I found the toilets were on the other side of the creek, near the startline (something I didn't have time to look for when I visited them the first time). There was also a post-parkrun breakfast at a nearby cafe, within walking distance if Diamond Creek parkrun, but I don't take photos of my food. And my strong long black was really just a long black. Locusts and frogs!


Two days later, and a number of us (13 if you're curious - not counting volunteers*) were at it again! It was 30℃ according to Smashrun - which doesn't actually sound all that bad, but it was the first run that felt like summer. I cruised around, chatting to Wendy, and we did aeroplane arms on the way down the hill. We still have work to do on our technique according to some Reddit users. Or we'll just go for Option B next time. Weeeeeee!!!!

Hello sunshine! Hello Westerfolds Park!
Oh, and we had our final parkrunner of the month award for 2014 announced - congratulations to Lee! She (and Wendy) are always among the first to put their hands up when we ask for volunteers at short-notice, and is a Westerfolds parkrun regular!

Westerfolds parkrun ED Scott presenting Lee with the parkrunner of the month trophy!
She's also a Tuesday trail-running regular when she doesn't have to drop kids off at school, and a real trooper when I ask, "Hey! Who wants to try that random path!?!" Or, in the case of yesterday's run - "Who wants to try that log!?!" Although it could be peer-pressure. Not sure... 

Smiling or grimacing?
And that's Valerie semi-photobombing. She's another Westerfolds parkrunner who hits the trails on Tuesday mornings!
I'm not sure what my parkrun plans are for this weekend. I intended to visit Point Cook last weekend, but I didn't really feel like it when I realised how warm it was that morning. Similarly, this weekend's forecast of rain makes being on the roads for longer than I need to be sound silly. We'll see how it plays out - otherwise I'll be at Westerfolds again, making propellor noises or yelling "Weeeeee!!!!" with Wendy down the hills.

* Because parkrun doesn't really acknowledge volunteers... oh, dang. Can't use that excuse anymore. Which is kinda awesome really! Incidentally, the whole "volunteer 3 times a year" thing means 8.3 years of parkrunning.


  1. I'm keen for one of those volunteer's shirts! Still haven't got my 50-run shirt yet :(
    I heard on Saturday that these 'extra' parkuns don't count to one's total - is that true?

    1. I really want some new trail shoes from Wiggle, so I'm hoping the 50 shirts become available soon so that I can order the shoes (and avoid paying for the 50 shirt postage). [blackboard] HURRY UP! [/blackboard]

      New Year's Day is the only time that you can "legally" run two parkruns - any other time counts as one (although I'm not sure if that is an automated process or relies on a Run Director adjusting results). And the Christmas Day parkrun definitely counts.