Saturday, January 24, 2015

The technological challenges of reading blogs

Reading blogs should be simple - but I find that it's not. I don't particularly enjoy reading from the computer screen as I already spend far too much time staring at it from behind a desk. So I'm trying to limit my blog reading to my tablet - I know it's just another screen, but it's away from the desk and seems to irritate my eyes less.

Since making the switch to the tablet, I finally caught up with my blog reading and am now generally up to date! Although technically it's only the "running" and "parkrun" blogs that I've listed on the blogrolls of this blog that I'm up to date with, but it's a start. As I am spending most of my time running rather than cycling these days, so I think that's enough to say I'm "up to date". And I think about 80% of my outstanding posts come from The Kitchn!

I have found some quirks with the RSS reader that I use, Feedly. It doesn't seem to like Mark's blog too much - and I hope think it's only Mark's blog. I'm not sure what Mark did to Feedly, or even if an apology will sufficce, but I only realised something suspicious was going on when I wondered why he'd only been writing single-paragraph posts lately. Of course Feedly's deception was uncovered once I checked his blog properly. I'm not sure why Feedly is taking out whatever problem it has with Mark on me, messing with my, "You've read all the blogs!" sense of accomplishment! Not cool, Feedly, not cool.

But I'm ever so slowly getting the hang of commenting on these blogs from my tablet, which is what I use to do most of my blog reading on. I don't enjoy writing from my tablet, so I had been saving the posts as "for later" on Feedly. It's just that revisiting the "for later" pile doesn't readily happen! So now I'm trying to comment as I go - all on the tablet! And so, I am also slowly chipping away at the "for later" pile.

There are a few other quirks with Feedly when it switches between the app and the blog websites (which I need to access to comment). Sometimes returning to Feedly is seamless and drops me right back where I was; sometimes it restarts the app!

So... does anyone out there recommend any particular RSS readers?


  1. Well, I haven't got a tablet... On the laptop I use feedly (don't have your blog subscribed yet :( just remember it. If I'm commenting I open new windows for those blogs. I like how feedly keeps blogs "unread" if you like, to jog your memory to comment later.

    1. I love Feedly when I'm on the laptop - but it just doesn't run so smoothly on the tablet. Why did Google have to kill Reader? :'(