Monday, January 5, 2015

Just plodding along

Since the Sussan Women's 10km, I've enjoyed running for no specific purpose, which is kinda nice actually. There was a time when not having an immediate fun run would have been a disaster, but I seem to be doing well at the moment. I have a few goals to pick at throughout the year, but there's a gap until my next fun run in May (the Puffing Billy run, although I may do the Run for the Kids 15K in March). So now my Tuesday trail runs my toughest regular run, thanks to it being a group run. Oh, and the short steep climbs! It's possibly the prettiest run of the week, so it's really not a chore at all.

One of the Tawny Frogmouths at Schwerkolt Cottage, where we start our Tuesday trail runs.
I'm also trying to run with a lower heart-rate in a bid to keep my easy runs easy, and thus pay more attention to how I'm running and go back to increasing my mileage without feeling overdone. My peroneal tendonitis has definitely settled down on my right leg, but has now flared up a bit on the left. It's not affecting my foot yet, but I need to give my outer left calf regular foam-roller love.

So my average pace has slowed down to about 6:30/km, which isn't too bad really. While I'm in this easy muck-about state, I've been trying to encourage the dog to run. Alhtough so far I've found I can only do that if I let her off leash and run away from her! She seems to enjoy it though - our previous dog would be quite anxious when we'd run away from her, but the current one seems to love the opportunity to chase. I'm only doing it in single spurts as I think she has attention deficit disorder (she is easily distracted), but she's done brilliantly in the past year to learn to
  1. walk on a leash
  2. walk on a retractable leash (it's more comfortable for me when she stops suddenly because *smell!*)
  3. not venture too far when off-leash
  4. chase me down when off-leash.

I don't think she'll ever be a proper running dog, but I think she should manage short easy runs if she's off-leash and allowed to stop and follow any scents she discovers. Although she's still rubbish at being nice to other dogs - she's a yappy little thing, until the other dog shows an interest in her which is when she chooses to back off and run away.

From across the street: Yap! Yap-yap-yap-yap! *Don't mess with me, I'm so tough!* 
Upon closer inspection: Please don't eat me! *Run away! Run away!*

I'm still playing catch up with various blogs, although there are some where I have decided to skim-read to catch up! I'm really going to have to figure out a way to stay up-to-date with blogs... starting by updating my Feedly lists! (I really never recovered after the demise of Google Reader!)


  1. The trail looks gorgeous - I'm planning on getting more into running trails this year as there are some beautiful parks around me to try out.

    1. Handy hint: I use the old version of DSE's Geovic to check out potential routes in the suburbs. It tends to start with a "wonder where that goes" observation on one run, followed by a visit to Geovic, and occasionally some use of Strava's global heatmap on to see what other users are up to.

  2. Trail running is great and those short and sharp climbs will make you stronger. Sure beats pounding it on pavement :-).

    1. Sure does! Although now I'm on the hunt for a good "door to trail" shoe - especially since the trails are now quite dry and so I find the Speedcross shoes to be overkill!