Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Recap

After taking about 6 weeks off from any running goals, and adding a swim to my weekly routine, I once again missed my monthly mileage target - but it doesn't actually bother me! I only started doing speedwork and hill reps again last week although I haven't quite managed a proper long run since my parkrun-based half marathon, which obviously stands out in the Smashrun overview.

In the past week I've taken up walking a neighbour's golden retriever (Miss M). 30kg of dog is obviously very different to 3.8kg of dog (Miss R, aka "The Dog"), mainly because Miss M can seriously pull me along while I can easily lift Miss R if I tug the leash! Walking Miss M turns into a nice easy run after about ten minutes - we have a tug-o-war walk down the hill to the park, then a relatively frenetic pace of about 5:30 min/km until she settles down into a light jogging pace of about 8:00 min/km, and walk the end as Miss M hasn't quite figured out how to pace herself.

Smashrun Badge Hunting has slowed down, which was expected as I've picked up most of the low-hanging fruit. I'm going to have to run a marathon if I want to go on a badge-hunting rampage! I did manage to pick up the In it for January (10 days of running in January) Half Marathoner and Perfect 100 (100-day streak), and expect to pick up another three early in February so it won't be too long until I unlock my next background!

I've also managed to survive the first month of Jantastic without needing to use a Joker, and I feel fine too. A bit tired, but not tired of running - although my calves currently beg to differ! I'm going to stick to my current aims of three runs and one swim for February's targets. I've chosen a 10km run as my distance goal for the month, which should be easily managed - although I haven't run that far since my parkrun half-marathon in the first week of January!

I'm enjoying the weekly swim, and am pleasantly surprised with how far I've come over four swims. I can now hop into the water and just start swimming without worrying too much, and accidentally taking on water doesn't cause me to just stop in the middle of the pool and stand up. I'm still taking on each lap separately, but can occasionally put two laps together with only a quick 5-second breather instead of the 30 I usually take.

Aims for February

Most obviously I really need to get a regular long run sorted - I'm hoping that it will be my Tuesday trail run, although I've been struggling with that in recent weeks! I'm hoping that by adding a couple of runs during the week, with either tempo intervals or hill reps, that leg strength and fitness will return, and that the long run will find its way into my legs in due course.

I'm Run Directing at Westerfolds parkrun next week, but I'll be going on a Victorian tourism spree for each week after that. Hopefully I can get over my hamstring niggle and tight calves (which are an artefact of the peroneal tendonitis) before the weekly road tripping begins so that I can run strongly at each course!


  1. You're doing well. The Perfect 365 would be a mean badge! Must say I've given up on the idea of a 'regular long run', figuring my long bike rides will give me that sort of endurance. Tends to knock down the weekly mileage a tad though.

    1. Well, I've been including the dog walks as I try to monitor her mileage - so it hasn't strictly been a run-streak. But yes, 365 days in a row is another badge! :)

      I'm sure the bike rides do a great job with the endurance, especially as you can spend HOURS on the road with the bike. I'd like to do another half marathon at some point this year (and two would be nice), so I need to build my long run up for that. I struggled at about 16km when I did the Sydney HM, so I'd like to build up my capacity for the long run so that it doesn't happen again!

    2. I'll have to join and claim that one backdated ;-) Don't know if I'll ever do another 365+ streak again.
      You could run a good half off a 16-18k long run, or similar 'time on legs' to the time you expect to race.

    3. My longest run leading up to that half was 18km, and while it was enough to get me through the half, it wasn't quite enough to get me under 2 hours - I missed by 8 seconds, so that walking stint is what cost me that goal!