Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! A recap of December

I ended up sticking to English for the past month - there have been a few quirks on the Smashrun website lately so I'm using the default settings until they're sorted. That way I know it's a Smashrun thing and not a language thing (seriously, there was a time when the badges were all weird in one language, but not in others!)

I had a loose goal of continuing to increase my mileage, but I didn't quite hit it. Although it ultimately didn't bother me that I missed out on that distance goal as I'm enjoying just running at the moment! That being said, 197km of running and dog walks is more than I did in October (or any other month aside from November), so it's really not bad at all! I even managed to sneak in a nice long run one Sunday which was enjoyable despite having to effectively run uphill for the entire second half! I suppose it was inevitable given that I started by following Gardiners Creek downstream...

My pursuit of Smashrun badges continued, and I've now accumulated 40 of them! It unlocked a wallpaper that I quite like, and looks nice with my current "Team Violet" colour scheme. Over December I picked up 50 for 50 (50 days in a row), In it for December (10 days of activity in the month), and Weak not week (a week's worth of activity since joining Smashrun - 168 hours, i.e. 7 days x 24 hours).

The Sussan Women's 10km was my only fun run of the month, and it was a nice way to finish off the year - even if the lead up to the day was a bit chaotic, and I am subsequently unsure if I'll do this event again. Or anything else (dis)organised by Start to Finish events!

Aims for January

I've been enjoying just plodding about throughout December since the 10km. So I plan to continue doing that for most of January. I have my new aim of running 2,015km for the year (which I will keep track of via Strava), and so have set a goal of 2,500km on Smashrun to account for walking the dog.

I've found a Meetup group that is keen on parkrun tourism (albeit limited to those closest to the city - Albert, Maribyrnong and possibly Point Cook) so I plan to join them on occasion. There are some parkrun events that are somewhat-nearby but unlikely to be covered by the Meetup group, so am going to try and be a bit of a tourist for the next few months!


  1. A very happy new year to you too. 2,015 for the year is a nice touch.

  2. 197km is a great total for December - particularly when many people are slowing down and using Christmas as an excuse!

    I'm hoping to get some parkrun tourism in this year as well and definitely a trip to Westerfolds once I get over my fear of hills!! If you're ever heading down Balyang Sanctuary way, let me know :)

    1. Westerfolds is really not that bad - it's a very pretty course and the final kilometre is heaps of fun! And I have Balyang in my diary for February 21. :)