Monday, January 19, 2015

Do the Spaniards love trail running?

I only ask because I kept finding myself on Spanish-language websites when doing research on trail shoes! I also come across German ones with great regularity, and I think this mix of search results in English, Spanish and German is Google's way of telling me that they have paid far too close attention to what I click on when the "Would you like to translate this page?" toolbar has turned up.

Thanks my status as a second-generation Australian with parents from Argentina, it wasn't really a problem. It does take me a bit more time to read the reviews, but my favourite site has been Trail Running Review. Despite it's title, it's entirely in Spanish.

Actually, I lie. Its title is in English.

But I love the little comparison charts they have.

I'm currently trying to track down the shoe on the right in a Women's 12 due to its superior "Adherencia en roca" and "Adherencia en roca mojada." It's relevant when you adore creek crossings.

And no, I'm not nearly as comfortable with German as I am with Spanish. It's just that I rarely use the Google translate toolbar - I'm sure it'll only require a few more French-language websites until I start getting French results in my Google searches too!

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