Thursday, December 11, 2014

Westerfolds Wednesday: Give Presence

Whoops, I hit "Save" instead of "Publish", so just like Hershel wanted to have Spaghetti Tuesdays on Wednesdays, this week you get Westerfolds Wednesday on Thursday. 

There was a surprise in store for our Westerfolds parkrunners on Saturday, after they had started the run we had some visitors from lululemon athletica's Doncaster store who brought some lovely bananas and gave our parkrunners massages! It was well-received by our parkrunners, who loved the post-run snack and a little bit of pain.

Wendy is absolutely loving the calf massage.

I was on photography duty, but also had the dog, so was limited in terms of how far I could wander off and still make it back in time to catch some lulu action.

Lots of smiles at the start!

Oops! I was a bit distracted trying to find a "close to the path to take photos, but far enough away that The Dog wouldn't become a trip hazard" position that I missed our First Finisher Nick, who ran 18:12 to pick up a PB!

Rhys and Senny also picked up PBs as they finished 3rd and 4th on the day.

A strong finish from Luke and First Timer Jeroen, who regularly attends Armidale parkrun.

I'm not familiar with everyone at the Pointy End of Westerfolds parkrun, but this might be our fastest pram runner!

Lorraine is one of our most consistent Westerfolds parkrunners - she was the First Finisher out of the ladies and scored the highest age grade of the day!

It doesn't look like much, but the final 400m or so can be tough on tired legs. From the top we have Alex, Liz, Narelle, Graham, Kerryn and Coral.

Being part of the Run Directing team doesn't stop Emma from being a bit cheeky!

Kirsten and Sue regularly do their lap of Westerfolds Park together.

Morgan and Oliver were First Timers to parkrun, and looked to be having a ball. We'll hopefully see them again soon!

Ivy is another Armidale parkrun regular who came to visit Westerfolds parkrun for the first time.

Mr Gadget Man, Rohan, checking the volunteer roster for Brooke who's on next week!

According to Sam, parkrun is definitely a lot of fun for our pram-riders!

Sophie, Grace and Brooke looking great in their parkrun 10th Anniversary T-shirts!

Full results of the day are available on the Westerfolds parkrun webpage, but here's a quick summary of the top performances of the day. Additional congratulations to those who also picked up a PB, and not in the table below: Stewart Watson (23:40) and Trevor Watson (24:47).

Age Grading
1Nick Turner (18:12, PB)Lorraine Bradbury (24:11)Lorraine Bradbury (78.02%, W55-59)
2Ian Wong (19:13)Valerie Low (26:16)Coral Monk (73.72%, W65-69)
3Rhys Hanna (19:26, PB)Lee Saccuzzo (26:37)Nick Turner (72.89%, M35-39)
4Senny Surendran (19:27, PB)Alex Eadie (27:18)Mark Campbell (70.02%, M50-54)
5Simon Tu (19:52)Liz Hamilton (27:25)Chris Wade (68.85%, M40-44)

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