Monday, December 8, 2014

Sussan Women's 10km

When I got home yesterday after the Sussan Women's Fun Run, I was asked why I even bothered - after all, it was also wet during the City2Sea a few weeks ago! I reminded them that it also rained during the Puffing Billy run, and that I had had similar "luck" for the two times I did the City2Surf in Sydney! If I forget about the one Run for Fun (now Rebel Run, and one which I tend to pretend never happened as it was an awful day for me due to having been seriously sick for two weeks before it and I really should not have attended), only the SMH Half Marathon had non-grey skies! Smaller events that don't need significant road closures (Run for the Firies, Sri Chinmoy events) appear to be exempt from my effect on weather (whether that is rain or chilly winds under grey skies).

If you don't like running in hot weather, run with me! Grey skies and either rain or cold wind is normally delivered when I take on a major fun run. :)
So I'm now quite used to running in such conditions. I know to take spare socks and a change of clothes, and to take my gloves with me - although they usually end up in the post-run bag. A visor or cap is essential running kit regardless of the weather as it keeps the sun and rain out of my eyes. Yesterday I actually took three pairs of socks and a change of shoes as I had the relative luxury of having the car close to the start/finish area. I wore one pair of shoes/socks when I went to collect my bib, and then changed in the car to what I planned to run in.

After late notification of my bib number, and poor communication that it would be late, collecting the bib itself was a relatively pain-free task. Actually, the line was shorter when I was there, this was on my second trip from the car when I went to get a small coffee.
Parking for the Sussan Women's Fun Run event was limited to what was available in the area. This is where my tendency to arrive to things early worked in my favour - adding that I also turned up early in case bib collection was a time-consuming processes. I ended up parking a lot closer to the start/finish than I had first planned as I found a non-ticketed parking spot only two blocks away. As I made my way back to the car after my run, I knocked on the window of an anxious looking 5km runner trying to find a parking spot - she was a bit startled by me until I signalled I was leaving. So hopefully that got her fun run to a great start!  

Seriously, I sat in the car until about 7.25am, all nice, dry and quite relaxed. I also finally got around to removing the registration sticker.
I don't think it stopped raining for the whole run but I didn't really mind. I knew my Saucony Triumph 10s had brilliant drainage, as I had taken them through huge puddles and waterlogged muddy trails before. I wanted to run a controlled race, and while I was aiming for 5:05 pace I wasn't really feeling it. That being said, I ran 5:07 and didn't feel like I ran sub 5:10, but apparently I did. Although the distortion may have been strongly influenced by my final split at 4:44 pace, which was about 20 seconds faster than any other split. Hmm... must learn to run a little faster throughout rather than just run hard in the last km! I think more regular "hard" parkruns will help get me used to that feeling, rather than doing a hard parkrun here and there!

Nice and steady 1.009 km splits - my quarter-distance splits were 13:07, 13:03, 13:09 and 12:24. I took a drink just before the 7km mark - the catch was fine but the swallowing while running let me down. Image via Sport Tracks.
In the end I picked up a 10km PB of 51:44 (officially 51:43.5) - 50 seconds faster than my last 10km (which was a PB at the time), although I'm sure I have more left to give if you consider that my heart rate just jumped during that final km when I knew I could commit to a faster pace. Also, while I ramped the pace up again once we hit the finishing chute, I didn't have a prolonged period at maximum heart rate at the end. I was thinking of sticking to trail events next year, but I'm enjoying learning how to race a 10km, so I think I'll keep working on that before a change in the terrain!

Steadily climbing heart rate, with a couple of kicks at the end! Image via Sport Tracks.
So that was my final fun run for the year - there are a few more parkruns left, but I might need to take it easy as I've been fighting off a return on my peroneal tendonitis lately. It hasn't been bothering me while running, and I've only noticed it while sitting down at my desk. Perhaps it's only sore once the body has cooled down, but I definitely found I was a bit sore when taking the dog for a walk yesterday afternoon so it seems as if I was able to stave it off until the 10km yesterday!


  1. Always good to run a big PB. Congrats, better times will come again.

    1. Thanks! Am currently debating whether I should let my right leg recover, or go for a Westerfolds parkrun PB before the end of the year... but I suppose there's no real rush!