Monday, December 29, 2014

Refractions from 2014

With a Westerfolds parkrun post scheduled for Wednesday, this will be the last post I'll write for 2014.

I didn't do too well with my goals for 2014, as I lost my mojo for a significant period of time early in the year that really set me back with my fitness. Take it with a pinch of salt, but joining Smashrun at the end of February really helped me to eventually get my mojo back. I only ran/walked less than ten days from March to June, but things really got going once I decided to go Smashrun badge hunting. With the badge associated with running 10 days each month being my primary goal, and finding I was on track for the Towering Stairs badge in July, I kept on badge hunting. And running.

2014 monthly mileage according to Smashrun (i.e. includes dog walks, which actually takes up a lot of time). Lots of increased mileage each month thanks to the Towering Stairs badge!
[Updated 31/12/14]

By mid-June I had only ticked off two of my 2014 goals - I had ditched the orthotics and completed the Puffing Billy run, but I had all kinds of performance goals left to go. In the end, I didn't hit any of them. I didn't even run a half-marathon, but I doubt I would have hit the 1:49:00 goal anyway.

I am now running far more regularly (I am streak run/walking because there's a Smashrun badge for that), and have got my fitness up to a stage where I can randomly cover 17 - 20km on a long run day without any additional preparation. Of course, that doesn't mean I should be binge-running that often!

So let's hope 2015 works out better for my running and running mojo. Most of these goals are similar to my 2014 goals, with a little adjustment. Hence the use of "refractions" in the title of the blog post today!
  1. To complete 3 x 10 pull-ups (I can't even hold the final chin-up position for more than 2 seconds... and working towards this should help me stop slouching when running)
  2. Sub-23 5km
  3. Sub-24 Westerfolds parkrun (the hill kills me at the moment)
  4. Sub-48 10km (and learning how to race a 10km better rather than run the last split 20s faster than any other split)
  5. Sub-70 Puffing Billy Great Train Race (May)
  6. Sub-105 Half Marathon (looking at the October Melbourne Marathon Festival HM)
  7. Sub-70 City2 Sea (November)
  8. 2015km of running for the year (although I'm setting that to 2500km on Smashrun to account for dog walks)
  9. Lose >10kg (I was 83kg last week, and am not even going near the scales until the second week of January due to heavy Christmas foods)
  10. Finish that damn PhD.
It was only a month or so ago that I was thinking of devoting 2015 to trail running and trail races, but after the City2Sea and Sussan Women's 10km, I found I really enjoyed road running and figuring out how to race (although the trails are still hella-fun for mid-week running). I know I have so no* shortage of improvements to be made with the road-racing, and that will be more than enough to keep my running occupied! I've picked out some races throughout the year, but still need to update my online Race Calendar

My peroneal tendonitis is under control, which is fantastic news. I'm really happy that I went to see the podiatrist I was recommended, and I'm happy that I went to see him before it got too bad, even though I don't have podiatry cover on my Private Health Insurance. I wouldn't say I'm 100% in the lower legs yet, but I'm learning how to manage it, and it is getting better as I haven't noticed it after my runs during the past week.

I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve - although don't party too hard if you're planning on a New Year's Day parkrun the next day! Westerfolds parkrun is doubling-up with Diamond Creek parkrun for the day. Westerfolds will start at 8am, and Diamond Creek will follow with a 9.30am start. We're only 10km away from each other (carpark to carpark), which is less than 15 minutes by car, so it made sense that we'd coordinate a New Year's Day parkrun party!

*Thanks Ewen, Spell-Checking Maestro! [29/12/14]


  1. Great read! I look forward to following your journey! Good luck with it.

  2. Is that "no shortage of improvements"?
    Anyway, those are good goals. Faster short distance road times would lead to faster times in any trail races you decided to run. Nice progression on the monthly mileage this year. If you can achieve the weight goal that will result in faster race times too.
    Our 2015 goals are fairly similar - I'm aiming for 22:30 and 46-something for 10k (I'd take 46:59!). 70 for City2Sea sounds incredibly hard though, with the distance closer to 15k now. Looking forward to seeing how you go. Happy 2015!

    1. Oooh! Good pick-up Ewen, thanks!

      The 70-minute City2Sea is definitely the hardest of all those aims, but I figured if I could do a sub-70 Puffing Billy run in May, then a sub-70 City2Sea might be possible too!

      But yes, the weight goal should help the most - I did get myself down to 75kg fairly easily a couple of years ago when I was preparing for weeks of inactivity due to the arthroscopy, so I just need to get into that calorie-counting mindset again. I should start by re-installing My FitnessPal onto the iPod!