Friday, December 5, 2014

November Recap

A new month means that it's time to pick a new language setting on Smashrun - I'm going for Dutch in honour of Sinterklaas. While it's a West Germanic language (like English and German), it's a different division to either of those that English and German belong to. I may not be fluent in German, but I find it far less confronting than something I have had very little exposure to... so we'll see how this Dutch experiment goes!

I had a fairly productive November in terms of Smashrun badges as I picked up the Monster 500 (500 miles/800 km since joining the site), In it for November (10 days of running), Sydney-Melbourne (561mi/900km), Guinea Pig (for answering the Smashrun beta survey), and Towering Stairs (increasing monthly mileage by at least 10mi/16km for six consecutive months). The extra badges meant I was able to unlock a new wallpaper - although I've chosen the standard version of the wallpaper, as I don't like the colour of the Pro version's "gold" stars!

My return to "form" after the bout of asthma could be quite nicely tracked based on the fun runs I did and the hit out I had at the final parkrun of the month. The average pace of 5:30/km for the Run for the Firies on the 9th, followed by a 5:22/km average for the City2Sea a week later (narrowly missing the 15km PB I set during the Sydney Half Marathon last year), and finally ending with a 4:45/km average when I went to visit Maribyrnong parkrun on the 29th!

Aims for December

I'm looking forward to the Sussan Women's 10km on Sunday, although I need to cool my heels at the start and not bolt like I did at parkrun! I'm expecting a busy start, so hopefully congestion will help me out with that, just like it did for the Run for the Firies and even moreso and the City2Sea - but hopefully the congestion won't be as bad as it was at the City2Sea!

While the Towering Stairs badge has been achieved I'd still like to try to keep building on my monthly mileage - Smashrun developer Chris Lukic pointed out on twitter that my 90 day-mileage graph actually looked pretty cool since I started to chase the badge down!

One of the many automated Smashrun plots: rolling 90-day milage (kms) for 2014.

So if I wanted to continue that trend I'm aiming for 211km (195 + 16) in December. Now, while I need to keep building my monthly kms if I ever want to pick up the Run Nut badge (300 mi/483km in one month) - I'm currently running less than half of that, and increasing my monthly mileage by only 16km/month means I'll hit 483km in 18 months. Although it might only be about a year away if I sneak in a few extra kilometres each month. We'll see - I must be careful not to overdo it as I do have a history of niggles that are best solved with rest!

My Smashrun badge hunting will generally be slowing down now unless I run a marathon (there are 6 badges related to the marathon and 1 for an ultra - 50km!) There are also a couple of badges where I need 10 runs faster than 4:58 pace, but I'm looking forward to having a cruisey week or two after the Sussan 10km, and then building up some proper running fitness and form before I start chasing times again.


  1. You've got me into Smashrun - I signed up a couple of weeks ago and have really been enjoying it. Definitely a motivating (and quirky) way to track your running.

    All the best for Sunday :)

    1. Muahahahaha!

      Well, that's how I generally feel everytime I hear of a new Smashrun user. :P :)