Monday, December 1, 2014

Gardiners Creek Trail, Box Hill South

With no fun run on this weekend (aside from parkrun), I thought I'd share a mini photo essay of sorts based on places that I go running. The first instalment is the upper end of the Gardiners Creek Trail shared pathway - the portion the runs from Middleborough and Canterbury Roads through to the corner of Riversdale Road and Sycamore Street.

The trail starts/ends at Box Hill Skate Park. There are two bike racks behind this sign, and there is also a drinking fountain, and an automated public toilet at the park. There is limited parking available (entrance is on the western side of Canterbury Road, south of Middleborough), while Laburnum railway station is within running distance and a few buses have stops nearby.
This part of the Gardiners Creek Trail is also part of the Whitehorse Artists' Trail, which is signposted with these yellow boards showing and describing the outcomes of some artists' camps previously conducted in the area.
The trail can be a bit isolated to start with, but it is a little nicer once the upcoming bridge is crossed. Sunny weekends and after school are the best times to be on the trail as it tends to be a bit more populated while the kids are at the nearby Skate Park.
This is an old basketball court that is on the section of trail that reaches Hay Street.
But this is what you see if you stay on the trail - it's probably a good example of how uninviting it can be if you're on your own.
The end of the trail at Box Hill Golf Club. There are a few cars that use the trail to enter their homes, so be wary of all the other users on the shared trail. Some are a bit larger than normal (but I have never had a problem).

To continue onto the trail near Deakin Uni, I prefer to climb up Riversdale Rd but take a left onto Station Street using the section of road that is inaccessible to cars. Then Station Street can be crossed via the pedestrian crossing near Boardman Close.

Two streets to choose from, two hills to choose from!

Option 1: Riversdale Road (to go towards the city).

Option 2: Sycamore Street (to return to the Skate Park via Foch Street and the trail).

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