Monday, December 22, 2014

Furness Park, Blackburn

Furness Park is a tiny little park at one of the upstream sections of Gardiners Creek in Blackburn. It's very easy to access with buses running along its eastern boundary (Blackburn Road) and western boundary (Main Street), either going to or leaving Blackburn Railway Station. There are no toilets at the park, but there are facilities at and near the train station, and there's a McDonalds at the corner of Canterbury Road and Main Street.

Welcome to Furness Park - one of many parks that follow Gardiners Creek upstream of the Gardiners Creek trail.
Let's start from the corner of Blackburn Road and Heath Street.

Ladies and gentlemen: behold Gardiners Creek!
This water comes from Blackburn Lake, which I will run around and take photos of some other day!
This is at the same point as the photo above, but looking downstream. It looks more like a creek now!

The Blackburn Creeklands are well looked after by a group of devoted volunteers. They have working bees and put up signage relevant to plant infestations and litter - their efforts are what make this upper section of Gardiners Creek so lovely to run around.

The paths in the area mostly gravel (difficult to tell as the image is overexposed), with a few bridges to cross the creek. This is the only bridge in Furness Park.

It really is quite pretty in this area. You can hear kookaburras throughout the day, and there are often families of ducks waddling about in late spring and early summer.
This is a little section of trail that leads to...

... the corner of Blackburn Road and Furness St! Heath St is only a little way down south of Blackburn Road.

The Furness Street "entrance" to the park.

Staying on the northern side of Gardiners Creek you'll meet Gardenia Street. This street runs parallel to Main Road, and takes you to Blackburn train station, and various cafes and little shops near there. 

I used to love taking Gardenia Street from the station, as I could enter Furness Park and follow this path at some speed (it's downhill) to duck under a tree that was arched across this path.

This is was that arch.

There's a bin in the park, which is fantastic if you've taken the dog out (or picked up a coffee from one of the nearby cafes and don't use a Keep Cup).

Gardiners Creek goes under Main Road, which is the western border of Furness Park.

More gravel on the southern side of Gardiners Creek, and there is a playground near the corner of Heath Street and Main Road. 

If you wish to follow Gardiners Creek downstream, cross Main Road and follow the path through Kalang Park (which I'll cover another time, and hopefully remember to link back).

The playground at Furness Park is pretty fantastic actually.

Although this water tap was of the sky-rocketing type!

I decided to complete a loop of the park, avoiding the little paths that took me to Blackburn Road. I used the bridge as my start/finish line and found it was only a 400m loop - I did say the park was tiny!

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  1. Just a mere 105 laps for a marathon. You'd probably get no further than half way before those volunteers would have you up for some serious wear and tear of their park and creek area. Super pictures of a great running loop.

    1. Maybe if it's done overnight, no one will realise what is happening! And it'd be more fun that 105 laps on a track!