Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Westerfolds Wednesdays: impromptu volunteering

It was bucketing down early on Saturday morning, but the rain didn't pass sufficiently quickly to allow Westerfolds parkrun to have a dry morning! I had planned to take the dog along for a barkrun (with a head start because she has an average speed of 3km/hour), but she doesn't particularly enjoy being out in the rain so she stayed at home.

I had received some parkrun shirts from Wiggle during the week and was looking forward to distributing them on Saturday, but received messages that they wouldn't be picked up as the owners weren't going to come to parkrun in the rain. They both have multiple quantities of young children, so I think that's understandable. As I was no longer going to be bringing the dog along, I turned up to parkrun only a little bit early. Rohan was Run Directing, so I checked with him that all the volunteers had turned up and I stuck around for Barcode Scanning once we decided the volunteer wasn't going to show.

Actually, I was at the marshalling point intially - thinking that I'd return to the start to check whether the barcode scanner had arrived before committing to it. If they did turn up, I was going to run along until I caught the tail-runner and then probably walked around the course as I'd been feeling quite tired (I had attempted a run in the previous day's 32℃ heat, and found I had my legs had had enough after the previous days' running).

So it was a fairly uneventful parkrun in the end - aside from Lorraine joining the parkrun 50 club and Jade joining the junior 10 club. Numbers were down because of the rain (but we still had a healthy turnout), and no finish tokens were lost.

Lorraine on the final stretch of her 50th parkrun
Jade (with her mum Narelle) and her 10th parkrun

We did have a small issue with the timer, where we were missing a time and I assumed that the timekeeper clicked once at the end for Jade and Narelle rather than twice. So I added a time to match the final one and sent the results through. If I'd paid more attention to the times I would have realised that the final two times were fine. Of course this would mean that the missing time occurred somewhere amongst the first 51 places... so I don't think I could have actually done anything at the time!

I'd completely forgotten about it until the Event Director mentioned something about the time being 20 seconds off for one person. A quick check on Strava indicated that the mess-up occurred between the 6th and 10th positions, and once someone emailed to point out they were over a minute out I assumed that was our missing time. It was really easy fix on the parkrun results processing site, so kudos to that piece of web design! :)

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