Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Westerfolds Wednesday: watching the parkrun world go by

With the Run for the Firies on the next day, I really wasn't planning to do any kind of parkrun that required too much effort on Saturday. It had also been a long time since I had taken the dog to Westerfolds for a trip around the parkrun course - although this time I would be far more prepared for her pace than I was last time. We turned up a bit earlier and went for a lap of the course with a 30 minute head start. I brought my camera along too, as I was thinking that it might be nice to pick up some photos from spots that we don't normally have parkrun pics from.

The Yarra River is beautiful at this spot, viewed from the ~950m mark of the Westerfolds parkrun course.

I had estimated that the 30 minute head start would put us a bit after the 2km mark when the parkrun proper would begin at 8am, and that the first of the parkrunners would come across our path about 10 minutes after that. After a few distractions talking to walkers around Westerfolds Park, I noted some runners were catching up to us, but it was only after they passed that I recognised Luke Crozier! Oops!

Luke and Justin looking exactly how they normally look: out in front!

So it was time to start snapping, and try to keep moving forward so that we could still make it to the end of parkrun before the tail-runner came through! The dog was going forward and I was walking backward trying to take photos of the parkrunners. I had a lot of people smile and wave towards the camera, but a number of those ended up being out of focus. I didn't really have time to check the settings at the time, as the first batch of runners were coming through and I really did want to keep snapping.

Alan, in the navy blue shirt, was on his second lap of the course. He had already completed one lap to set up the course!

We finally reached the top of what I refer to being the first climb - it's a spot that I've always wanted to take a photo of parkrunners from since I last performed course setup. But it's probably the furthest point from the start, so we rarely have photos along that winding path. It was a lovely view a few weeks ago, but none of the photos quite worked how I expected them to. I think I could have remedied this with a bit of effort, but I was trying to not lose too much time!  

Who put that grass there?!?

Luke Crozier ended up being our first finisher for the day, while Celine Hepworth was our first female finisher (and she was also the highest Age Grade scorer for the day). We had plenty of tourists for some reason - and I'm not sure if it was planned, but we had TWO 100-club parkrunners as tourists with their awesome black t-shirts!

  • Jane Gaw has completed 122 parkruns at Edinburgh, and completed the remainder of her 145 at four other locations in the UK (and now one in Australia). Despite the large number of parkruns completed, she's not on the worldwide list as it appears she needs to have completed at least 20 (as she's from the UK) to be on it!
  • Roderick Hoffman was our other touring 100-clubber, with a home parkrun of Pymmes although he has only completed 5 of his 131 parkruns there! He is clearly a professional tourist, is ranked #29 on the most events list with 95 events! I think that is the closest Westerfolds has been to parkrun royalty this year!
Edinburgh's Jane
Pymmes' Roderick

We also had tourists from Albert and Balyang Sanctuary parkruns in Victoria, Torrens (South Australia), and Braunstone (UK) visiting Westerfolds for the first time, along with one from Diamond Creek - which was odd as it was their birthday on the weekend! (Happy birthday neighbours!) It was a warm morning, and it's reflected in the results - out of 89 parkrunners, only 9 picked up PBs. Toughest conditions we've had since winter passed, so anyone who even came close to their PBs deserves kudos!

And if you're curious, the dog and I came through at 50:56, and that's not including the 30 minute head start (1:21:09 according to my watch). She'll never be parkdog of the week at this rate!

Sniff ALL the things!!!

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