Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Westerfolds Wednesday: a hit out

It was yet another lovely morning at Westerfolds parkrun on the weekend. The sun was out but it was still cool enough to be classified as "PB weather" - according to Smashrun it was 15℃ with a relative humidity of 84% although The Prof had 17℃ and 59%. The relatively good weather is definitely encouraging some to return to parkrun - one of our First Timers hadn't actually been to parkrun for over 18 months! Well, strictly is was their barcode...

Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Cormac McCarthy.
We had 92 parkrunners, of which 23 ran a personal best time (including 4 of our top 5 finishers)! We had ten were first timers to our course; seven were new to parkrun while three had had some parkrunning experience - Senny from Brockwell parkrun in the UK, with Mark and Max from both Albert parkrun (I'll let you figure out which one had been away from parkrun for the 18+ month period...)

Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Cormac McCarthy.
No course records were set, although the front end of the pack were definitely in a fast mood judging by the amount of PBs. Steven Griffin was the first to finish with a personal best time of 18:18, while a Battle of the Justins occurred for the 2nd and 3rd finishers with Justin Byrne (18:46) getting the better of Justin McFarlane (18:52, also a PB). parkrun may not be a race, but a little rivalry definitely helps those trying to chase down PBs!

Hannah Wearne was the first of the women to finish, also picking up a PB as she completed the course in 23:00. Magdel Mellet finished second with 23:35, while Lorraine Bradbury ran 24:08 (and picked up the highest age grade of the day - 78.18%).

I love photos that show off the course - how lovely is the view of the park is once you get to the top of The Hill? Very.
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun Facebook page, taken by Cormac McCarthy.

Oh no, the photographer! Better start running!
Image from the Westerfolds parkrun
Facebook page
, taken by Cormac McCarthy.
I ended up blowing up at parkrun - I was trying to go for a strong run and I was sitting with Gennine for most of it. But after completing the first 3.7km in 18:06 (I created a private Strava segment that shows it was my fourth-fastest first 3.7km), I just blew up and had to walk up the hill. The whole hill. I only started running again when I spotted our photographer, Cormac.

I knew I had done too much damage too early when I couldn't push the pace again on the downhill - Valerie and Bram caught up and overtook me, and that was more or less it for me. I ended up with 25:25, which was my 4th fastest Westerfolds parkrun according to Strava, but my fastest 5km in a month according to Smashrun (i.e. since the asthma), so I guess that's just where I am right now with running. Strava also picked up some non-segment achievements (2nd best mile 7:24, and 3rd best 2 miles 15:26), so the run wasn't a total bust.

Although the inability to hold pace is a problem right now given I acknowledged the problem in the Sri Chinmoy 10km, and that I had hoped to work on that in the leadup to the Sussan 10km! But I'm not aiming for 4:50/km in that race...

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