Saturday, November 8, 2014


I'd been using the German language setting on Smashrun for October, which revealed some quirks in the Smashrun website, but nothing too serious. I'd assumed some of the language updates were causing problems, as a problem with the order of the badges while using the German settings disappeared with a website refresh. It was fun for the month, but I couldn't wait to change the settings again for November. I couldn't think of a specific culture of language to associate with November, but I ended up with Latin American Spanish for Mexico's Dia de los Muertos.

So since September I've upgraded my wallpaper, and picked up three badges: 20 for 20 (20 days in a row), In it for October (10 days of running in October) and the Long/Steep Stairs (increasing mileage by 5 miles per month for 6 months). I only just scraped into hitting the 173km target, and you can see from the "Kilometres per day" section of the figure that what had been alternating long/short days turned into super-long/long days at the end of the month. No wonder I was feeling so tired at the start of November!

Aims for November

It is the final month of the Towering Stairs badge (increasing mileage by 10 miles per month for 6 months), so that will be my primary focus. I was trying streak-running, but decided to give it a miss again for the month after feeling so tired at the start of it. I am having fun streak-writing on, so that's a bit of a substitute! I am currently sitting on 32 badges and I think I should be able to pick up another three (In it for November, Monster 500, Sydney-Melbourne) by the end of the month to unlock another wallpaper option. Although I quite like the hearts, I'd prefer them in a non-traditional colour!

Away from Smashrun there's the Run for the Firies 10.6km tomorrow, and the City2Sea next weekend! They're just fun events, although I'm interested to see how the legs feel getting up Allendale Road tomorrow!

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