Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Westerfolds Wednesdays: Anniversary Eve

Don't be deceived by the sunshine, parkrun on the weekend was quite fresh! It made for really good conditions for those chasing a PB - and the stats show that it was a speedy morning with 23 of the 82 parkrunners ran PBs! There were also some hooligans with some stencil graffiti...

It's spray-on chalk! Discovery of the year! The template does need to be a little bigger though...
As the most recent addition to the Westerfolds parkrun Run Directing department, the pressure was on Chris as it was his first time in the role. There didn't appear to be any problems during the morning or even afterwards while processing results, so clearly supporting RD Rohan trained him well. :)

The Westerfolds parkrun pre-run briefing.
Image from Westerfolds parkrun #53 photo album.
It's taken a while, but we're starting to have a few more additions to the parkrun 50 Club, as Brett has now joined Ehuli (and Michael, although he's a 100 Club member). I suppose it really shouldn't be that much of a surprise that these three ended up on top of the male points table for the year! We're not sure when Brett (or Ehuli for that matter) will receive his 50 Club shirt as a new supplier is currently being sourced now that Adidas are no longer a sponsor of parkrun Australia. For now we can acknowledge the achievement with the little digital badges that appear on parkrun profiles and in the results!

Brett on his 50th parkrun!
A couple of juniors picked up their Junior 10 Club certificates, and another few will be inducted next week as they were either absent on the weekend or ran their 10th parkruns on the weekend!

Our latest Junior 10 Club members!
Images from Westerfolds parkrun #53 photo album. 

My parkrun was fairly uneventful - I started with Wendy but dropped off after about 3.5km as I started to do my "Strides" workout (20s intervals of tempo running, 40s recovery) and went off-course to try and avoid the tempo intervals on the hill (which is what happened last week). I didn't calculate it well again, so I ended up doing a couple of intervals on the hill - but at least none of them were downhill this time around!

I may love Smashrun, but Strava does a cleaner run profile.
Strava activity here.
After finishing I went back along the course until I came across Leesa and Frankie. Leesa missed a lot of parkruns while struggling with an injury so she's just getting back into it, and Frankie was helping her finish in under 40 minutes. She ended up with 39:49! :)

With one week to go until the most important date of the Westerfolds parkrun calendar (the birthday/anniversary run), I spent most of the post-parkrun chat time plotting. I had a nutty idea for the cake, but knew I wouldn't be able to pull it off until I discovered that Leesa was one of those mums who attended cake decorating classes and had quite an impressive looking little portofolio on her Instagram account! If you're a parkrun regular there is no doubt that you have seen more than a few impressive cakes at parkrun birthdays and special occasions.

Lots of impressive parkrun cakes so far! As they say, "parkrun is not a race, but a baking contest".
Clockwise from top left: Kawana parkrun, Merimbula parkrun, Kalgoorlie-Boulder parkrun, and Tuggers parkrun.
Images from each parkrun's Facebook page. 

We decided that we would give the cake a go last week, sent a few messages and photos to each other during the week (which is when we decided to follow my nutty idea), and then met up again during parkrun to finalise how we were going to pull off the cake.

Secret cake plotting with Leesa, although our security was compromised by the photobombing Frankie!
Image from Westerfolds parkrun #53 photo album.
We're assembling the cake on Friday, so hopefully it will all work out well - three of us will be there, although Iwona doesn't yet know the extent of our plans! As the wife of Event Director Scott, she may be impressed or mortified! :)

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