Sunday, October 5, 2014

A recap of September

And a timely one too! ;) I'm still on Team Violet (that's what Smashrun does to acknowledge the colour you pick for your profile) but I now have the "Superstar" background! I'm sitting on 29 badges, so I should have a new background by the end of October. I can see from the preview that they are not ugly-arse "Dirty Walls" things.

With 157km notched up over the month, I'm definitely still on track to pick up the Towering Stairs. The total has been aided by far more regular dog walks, which I am now using to get me into streaking. The dog is loving it, and I get to practice my patience.

I started to get into the idea of streak-running during September, although it's streak-run/walking at this stage. The dog takes up a lot of time as she's slow (check our the Runs distance/pace chart), and is an unsuitable running buddy. Once I am strong enough to run everyday she'll be a cool-down buddy and may get more regular walks, which she'll love. I'm fairly sure she was happy with only heading out on weekends (on long 3km/1hr walks), and now goes every second day or so for 2km/40 minutes. She's become accustomed to the shorter walks now, so I don't think she'll be unhappy with shorter cool-down walks when they happen as long as they occur regularly! Of course, she may still put up a protest once in a while during a "short" walk - although she's quite cute when she puts up a protest (she sits down and refuses to move), it's really REALLY annoying.

September's Badge haul consisted of:
  • Early Bird (10 runs before 7am - thanks parkrun setups and trail running!)
  • Lunch Hour (10 runs on weekdays that started between noon and 2pm)
  • 5 for 5 (5 days in a row)
  • 10 for 10 (10 days in a row)
  • In it for September (10 days of running in September).

No real long runs in September, and I've fallen off the cycling completely now. I've more-or-less told myself that I'm not allowed on the bike until I finish my thesis. Unfortunately it now means I get "long run thesis guilt"! 

Otherwise I had a fairly "speedy" month - I ran my first mile time trial (although I think it was about 30m short), picked up another PB at Westerfolds parkrun (and ran sub-25 for the first time on that parkrun course), and also ran a PB at the Sri Chinmoy 10km.

Plans for October

I have now registered for the Sussan Classic (the 10km) so I need to train for that, and work to not lose pace like I did in the Sri Chinmoy run. I'm trying to make my trail runs my long run - although it will probably be split into two. The trail run with the group and then a change of footwear and exploring the Eastlink trail (bike path) on my own. There are some decent hills in the area, so it'd great if I could take those hills on as part of the solo long-run (and also take on Old Eltham Road before/after Westerfolds parkrun).

I'm staring to run out of "Low Hanging Fruit" Badges - I should pick up the 20 for 20, Long/Steep stairs and In it for October badges, but will have to be conscious of the Half Marathon, Roadrunner, and Fast & Slow badges. Although seeking the speed required for the latter two of those badges may not work with the training program (unless I record at least one of my interval splits as a separate activity - although I do want to run a stand-alone mile each month to see where my pace is at). And I still have two months to go for the Towering Stairs badge - I need 173km in October to keep that ticking over.


  1. Ah, now I'm beginning to understand Smashrun! And also why you've postponed the cycling - how sad! Anyway, good to see what you're up to in a little more detail via the blog. Good going with the walk/dog walk/run streak. Short walks would be enough for me if I was a dog!
    Post a twitter link when you blog again so I don't forget ;)

    1. Ha! I've been enjoying a little anonymity with my blogging by not sharing it on Twitter or Facebook! But I didn't really use Twitter that broadly in the past, and quite like it now... so who knows?! :)