Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A recap of August. (Yes, I know September just finished.)

If there's proof that I struggle to keep up with things at times, this is it. A recap of my running from August in October. I have no doubt that I will now struggle with the details. Compared to July, you will find that I now have a pink Smashrun profile, and have included what the background looks like. This is because earning Badges on Smashrun unlocks backgrounds, and so the background is a bit like a progress meter. But also not as I will explain a little bit later on!

I had aimed to get some speedwork done, and I may have done the occasional 800m intervals, but there was no structure or variety to it. As for long runs, I went out and picked up a 17km and 20km run in the second half of the month. They were rather impromptu and without much planning (aside from the 17km one involving different kinds of laps around Westerfolds Park and thus the knowledge I'd be regularly passing by my car), but I pulled up fine after both of them. Cycling didn't really happen in August (did over 60km for each of the first three weeks, then nada). But I have stuck to the trail running, which helped to pick up the Chill runner Smashrun badge. :)

Looking back at the Badges, it seems that I went on a bit of a spree in August as I picked up the following badges:

  • Rocked the week (40 km in a week)
  • Rocked the month (121 km in a calendar month)
  • London-Paris (608 km recorded on Smashrun)
  • Long stairs (increased mileage for 6 months)
  • Steep stairs (increased mileage by at least 8km each month for 4 months)
  • In it for August (10 days of running in August)
  • Chill runner (10 runs slower than 7:28/km in a month - trail running really helps to slow you down).

At the start of August I had the "Corporate" background (shown above is the Pro version) as I had only unlocked 17 badges. By the end of August my tally had grown to 24 badges, which meant I unlocked the "Dirty walls" options. I think they're ugly and too dishevelled for my liking, so I stuck to Corporate. So this is what I mean by the background being a progress meter but also not being a progress meter!

I ended up with 122km in August, which exceeded the 114km I needed to keep the Towering Stairs badge going (increasing mileage by at least 16km each month for 6 months). Three months down, three months to go (well, that was at the end of August). I picked up a PB at Westerfolds parkrun on the 16th (25:12), and that was my fastest 5km run of the month (although Smashrun takes the average pace and applies it to 5km for the Overview screens). The ridiculously slow 3km was one of many dog walks that I started to include in the Smashrun tally as I became to lazy to delete them from the record. Yes, that technically affects my Towering Stairs badge chase (making it easier for now, but possibly harder later, so I think it evens itself out).

Aims for September

Pretending September hadn't yet happened, I would be discussing a target of 138km (for the Towering Stairs badge), something to do with cycling (as I was not really cycling that often in August), and the Sri Chinmoy 10km. 

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