Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10km? What is this madness?

Actually, 10km is quite sensible - I just haven't gone for a hard run over the distance since the Nike She Runs the Night event in May last year. Yep, it's been over a year since my last 10km. I have been running regularly, but that wasn't quite enough. I was aiming for 52 minutes but ended up with 52:33 according to my watch (and that matches the Strava segment so I'm sticking to that rather than the 52:39 official time, which is still a PB but that's a result of starting in the middle of the pack and taking a while to get over the start line). Yep, 52:33 is a PB (by about 30 seconds) but I'm just not all that happy with it.

But hey, here I am looking happy because this is the 3.8km mark. And also because I'm wearing an awesome Virtual Run Blerch t-shirt Although it's a little bigger than I'd like. Maybe I should buy the regular Blerch t-shirt, but a size down. Oh, look at those postage charges. *Crying*
Image from Sri Chinmoy Races event gallery.
It was a great morning for a run - cool with some nice sunshine. I ended up feeling a little warm by about the 8km mark and thinking that I would not be enjoying myself if it were proper-warm and if I were doing a half-marathon. So before the race had finished I was already changing my plans for the Sussan Women's run on December 7 from the half-marathon to the 10km.

The start was a bit fast but I think that just happens as you try and find a spot for yourself in the field and settle into the run. The first 5km were fairly steady (between 4:55 to 5:07), but the last 5km weren’t so good with 5:10, 5:14, 5:27, 5:18 and 4:57. My heart rate only hit 184 at the end, so I’m sure I could have ramped up the pace at the end earlier than I did. The blip at about 7.5km was where I walked so that I could comfortably take in a drink - I don’t normally drink on runs, but then I don’t regularly run 5:15/km!

My pace (columns) and heart rate (line) during the run via Smashrun. A bit of a fast start, but at least my fastest km was the last one! Yeah, that big dark block means FAST BIT. 
I had planned on running this race in March when the Beat the Blerch races were announced. In Washington. Being geographically challenged I decided I would pick a nearby 10km on the same day and run in honour of The Blerch. Then a virtual race package was released, so I picked that up (and some socks, but now wish I had also picked up the magnet because More Snacks). Although the magnet does have free worldwide shipping...

Seriously. How is this not the perfect fridge magnet? Or pantry magnet if your doors are magnetic...
Pick yours up from The Oatmeal Shop, because that's where I stole this image from.
I’m still figuring out my autoimmune issues, but I think they’re flaring right now as I picked up a lot of mosquito bites (at least 10) at Pakenham parkrun. And so I’m extra thirsty. Even needed a drink during my easy 5km run this afternoon - and I was running at a pace a little slower than 6:00/km!

So I’m taking it easy this week as my body gets over the mosquito bites (they sting like crazy if I go for a walk, and much worse if I go for a run), and hopefully I’ll stop being so thirsty! Then I’ll follow a training plan and we’ll see what happens to my splits in November with the Run for the Firies and City2Sea. I’m aiming for the Sussan Women’s run as my next “proper” 10km. I was initially considering the half-marathon, but I don’t think it’d be fun if December 7 ends up being a hot morning!

My posture's a bit screwed this time around. This is because it's now at 8.8km, and I'm trying to do two thumbs up but my elbows want to do the chicken dance. No idea why my head is in a weird sticky-outie position. I'm sure there's a lot of wasted energy just holding that tension in my neck.
Image from Sri Chinmoy Races event gallery.

So THAT'S what I look like from behind.
Image from Sri Chinmoy Races event gallery.

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