Sunday, September 28, 2014

10km race fallout

First, I should point out that the More Snacks! More Snacks! More Snacks! magnet should have been in my Beat the Blerch Virtual Run package, but it wasn't. I didn't receive any stickers either. That's now been followed up on, so I should have the magnet in my hands soon and I can cease suffering from magnet envy.

Reposting because Magnet Envy.
Pick yours up from The Oatmeal Shop, because that's where I stole this image from. Again.

Second, inspired by inability to hold pace during last week's 10km I have decided to try and follow a training program, aiming for the Sussan Women's 10km. Although I haven't yet decided if I want to do the Sussan Women's 10km because I am likening the completely unshaded course to completely unshaded fun runs at Homebush, and I swore to never to run at Homebush again. Although I lapsed and did a Colour Run there and HATED IT. There's a lesson in that folks.

The program I've picked out is for 5km/10km so I should theoretically be able to put the training towards parkrun that week if don't do the Sussan run. This scheme thus relies on me taking it easy on parkrun days until December 6. I'll just have to keep telling myself, "parkrun is not a race, parkrun is not a race, parkrun is not a race." The program also required some shuffling because I want to keep going to parkrun on Saturdays and attending Headtorch Parties (aka trail running) on Tuesdays.

Based on what I think I can do in interval training sessions I had picked out the "Gold" level program, although my recent weekly mileage isn't anywhere near what it needs to be to use the Gold level in its entirety. Noting my semi-recent long runs are of a similar distance to, or slightly longer than, where the Gold plan long runs start, my Silver-Gold bastard plan is essentially the Silver plan with Gold intervals, Gold long runs scheduled for Headtorch Party Tuesdays, and 5km each Saturday.

The plan doesn't actually start until the week following next, so I've started with the tail-end of the Bronze program. With Silver bits - I succesfullly completed the interval training session on Thursday but missed the long/trail run as I was suffering from mosquito bites from hell (thanks Pakenham parkrun) earlier in the week and then some weird asthma-like thing that turned up on Friday and made going around Westerfolds Park yesterday really quite difficult.

Evidence of (a) my poor training this week, and (b) the one handy view Smashrun does not offer*. Thanks Strava.

*Well, it does, but it's an email you receive on a TUESDAY. Because being in Australia means you're from the future and things that happen in a timely fashion elsewhere appear LATE to us. Although I'd rather call up this information when I need it rather than wait for an email, but Smashrun is continuously evolving so something handy like this might turn up eventually.

So I only managed 26.7km this week (compared to 29km last week as I had eased off for the 10km, and 38km before that). The final Bronze/Silver week has been calculated at 41.8km, which isn't a big deal if I had come from the 38km, but could prove to be interesting coming from lower mileage. This is assuming that this asthma thing goes away of course. Please go away. 

This is me pulling a face as I am either talking to someone or trying to stretch out my upper back in a bid to help me breathe more deeply. It was a "Wear Your Colours Day" at parkrun as it was AFL Grand Final day, so I wore the football strip of the Netherlands. And thus the Van Gogh tights make perfect sense.
Image from Westerfolds parkrun's Facebook page.

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