Friday, August 1, 2014

A recap of July

97km of running & warm-down walks this month (it was 109km initially, but I just went through and deleted the dog walks - I'm still monitoring her mileage on DailyMile, but the weather's been so awful lately I don't think I'm close to "overtraining" her and her little legs).

I'm still very much focussed on picking up Smashrun badges - I only picked up two in July (the July and "easy runner" badges), but made good progress for one of the harder badges. I'm referring to the "towering stairs" badge, which requires 6 months of increasing mileage by 16km each month. It would be easier to achieve if starting from a very low base, but that's not how I roll. :) Now I need 114km in August to keep it going!

I picked up another sub-25 parkrun this month when I went to visit Frog Hollow parkrun last weekend. It's nice to know that my sub-25 Highlands parkrun wasn't a one-off, although I just need a bit more strength (and practice) to do this at Westerfolds and it's undulating terrain! I've also started trail running again, and my long run will have to come from this session. I'm trying to only run three times a week so that I have time for cycling, although the weather hasn't been all that bike-friendly lately (according to Strava I only hit 227km in July, which is better than the 11km in June).

Aims for August

The main aim is to reach 114km of running (and warm-down walks), but I also need to increase my long run and get some speed into my legs. I also need to get back into the habit of riding twice a week on weekdays (although the Thursday Breeze ride clashes with the most regular trail running I can do), taking the bike to parkun, and then going for a long ride on Sundays. The weather is starting to look better next week, so hopefully that will give me a good start!

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