Saturday, July 5, 2014

Plans for July

Well June's done and July's here - I think I had a good second half of June with regards to running as I'm running regularly again after more or less completely falling off the running bandwagon. Not much cycling happened due to being sick, World Cup matches in the morning, and generally awful weather - combined rain and wind does not make cycling enticing. This will make the 100km of the Rapha Women's ride on July 20 interesting. I've taken a peek at the course and I definitely need to get some climbing into my legs - if I can get a bit more preparation done the whole day should be enough for the Strava Gran Fondo badge, which isn't something I've done since much earlier in the year.

So onto July - where I really need to keep up the running (three days a week) and get back into cycling regularly (bring on the hills!)

There's a hidden challenge to get my cycling going right now - the BBC Radio 6 Music Challenge, where you only need to ride 100km during the 11 day challenge period to pick up the badge. There are nine days to go in that, so there's plenty of time for you to join in. Later in the month is the Rapha Women's 100, and also the Rapha Rising Challenge. I didn't quite do enough for an earlier cycling climbing challenge and this one's longer - 8,800m of climbing over nine days!

I'm going to be using the Smashrun badges as my incentive to keep the running going and building. There are a few badges I can pick up in July (I actually picked up the OCD one on the 1st), and a few more that I can contribute to just by making sure my monthly total distance grows by a set amount. Essentially I'm going to try and complete at least 10 runs starting between noon and 2pm, and cover 90km for the month. If you're keen on joining Smashrun, using this link helps me earn a badge! :)

the hunted

To get this badge you need to visit Smashrun (while logged in) at least once a day for 30 days.
I had been working on this one since there were problems with the Nike sync and I started logging on each day until the syncing finally worked (which occurred after I contacted Nike Support on Twitter - @NikeSupport are pretty damn awesome IMO). I then kept on logging on daily in order to pick this badge up.
In it for July
To get this badge you run at least 10 days in July.
Straight forward as long as I run! 3 times a week should make this a shoo-in!
Lunch Hour
To get this badge you need to start your run between 12pm and 2pm on weekday. You can finish your run whenever you want.
It's winter. Running in the middle of the day shouldn't be a problem - I just have to remember to do it!
Easy runner
To get this badge you have to complete 10 runs in a month with a pace slower than 10:00/mi or 6:12/km, that's equivalent to 6mph or 9.66kph.
This one will be easy to achieve as long as I keep an eye on my tempo run warm-up/cool-down pace, and make sure that I keep my long runs at an easy pace.
Steep stairs
To get this badge you need to run at least 5 miles (8km) more each month 4 months. A month starting at zero isn't included in the stair count.
The first month for this series was April (43km), then May (56km) and June (73.1km). So I only need 81.1km in July to pick up this badge.

in progress

Long stairs
To get this badge you need to run a greater total distance each month for 6 months. You can increase by any amount however small, but a month starting at zero doesn't count toward the total.
My base month for this one was February (35km), followed by March (39km), and then April through to June had sufficient increases to count towards the Steep stairs badge. As long as I run the total distance required for the Steep stairs badge, then this one is fine.
Long/Steep stairs
To get this badge you need to run at least 5 miles (8km) more each month 6 months. A month starting at zero isn't included in the stair count.
This one is a continuation of the Steep stairs badge. So I need 81.1km for July.
Towering stairs
To get this badge you need to run at least 10 miles (16.1km) more each month 6 months. A month starting at zero isn't included in the stair count.
I ran my long run this week on Monday so that it counted for June to get this one going - using May as the starting point. This series has the largest step-size, so it ends up being the one that defines my July month total: 89.2km!

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