Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oh dear

Weather + Phd madness + World Cup + illness = I haven't been the most frequent cyclist!

I went out and did the Mt Pleasant loop a few weeks ago after zero riding for a few weeks and survived well enough. 55km/700m was a good start. But since then I've only gotten on the bike twice - one 30km/400m and Sunday's 65km/900m. Except Sunday's ride was awful. I felt really bad after an hour and forced myself to keep riding despite how I was feeling.

In hindsight I should have eaten more before I left home. I had two slices of toast and a banana with a mug of coffee, watched Brazil lose to Holland, and then headed off. You see the problem? The almost-two hour break between food and riding. No wonder I felt like absolute crap! I ate during the ride, but I suspect the damage had been done during the football! If I think about this enough then I feel OK about the Rapha Women's 100 that's on the weekend. But I'm also concerned that perhaps it will happen again next week during the ride! :(

Also I had hoped to have had completed a lot more PhD work before the Rapha ride so that I could go out and enjoy it. Instead I'm struggling with some of my data and long patches of writer's block. It will be a long day (getting to Collingwood, coffee pre-ride, the ride, coffee halfway, lunch at the end), and all I can think about now is how much time I'll not be writing.

Is this the awful ride playing funny-buggers or my PhD being dead serious?

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