Saturday, June 28, 2014

Back on track

You may have noticed that I updated the links and pages across the top of the blog recently, and also given the blog a bit of a refresh. I'm also using tumblr again - mainly as an edited version of my Instagram account, but I also make references to my Nike-recorded running activities there (I love my Nike+ GPS Sportswatch too much to use my Garmin Forerunner 610 all the time).

I don't want to have too much duplication between my tumblr and Blogger pages, but I think I've got the balance almost right - pictures over there, text-heavy things here. My tumblr is still going through a backlog of Instagram shots I hadn't forwarded yet, but eventually the two will be temporally synced.

Back to running - I have to say that deciding to enter the Sri Chimnoy Yarra Boulevard 10km and City2Sea have helped get my running back on track, and got me interested in my blog and online presence a little bit more than I had been lately. I'm also paying a bit more attention to the digital badges Smashrun offer - so I'm starting to work towards them (within reason of course) as they're nice little short-term goals.

You can see from the screencaps below that I have a long way to go in both sets of badges! There are some which require an increased workload over multiple months (the stairs series as part of Kelly's set), but I only need another 9km before the end of the month to make progress on the most intense of these. Some are a bit out of reach right now (eg. Kelly's Mercury and Fast & Slow badges require sub 4:20/km paced runs - and doing short runs right now feels like cheating) but there are many that I should be able to complete in the next few months!

Meanwhile, I came across a Lululemon running Strava Challenge this week, but left pretty quickly once I realised how obvious I was being about the Challenge hijack! I doubt Strava would make the management of their Challenges more complex than it currently is, but I can be quite paranoid at times! I've got a few weeks until it starts anyway, so I can re-join it in mid July. Although it does coincide with Rapha Rising, which I don't expect to complete but I do like the challenge climbing because the internet told me to. [01/07/14: Turns out this one wasn't a secret challenge after all!]

However, the wind in Melbourne hasn't really made cycling all that much fun. I did finally do the Mt Pleasant loop last weekend. There are quite a few sharp but climbs on that route, and my chain did fall off* near the base of the longest climb, but it was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. I'd like to do that loop more often, especially with the Rapha Women's 100 coming up, but this wind needs to go away!

* My chain hasn't come off for as long as I can remember!!! 

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