Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lillydale Lake parkrun

Lillydale Lake parkrun launched a few weeks ago, and I completely forgot to write up a review for it. The turn-out for their first official run was massive with over 100 parkrunners! Weather was great too - it was a bit overcast initially but there was no rain, so that helps to entice people to come along.

Lillydale Lake is near Lilydale's train station, and parkrun starts at the end of the northern end of the park - which is the end closest to the station (it's only 800m away). There's also plenty of parking available at that end due to the tennis courts and council offices. If you ride your bike in you'll need a chain lock as I didn't spot many places suited to a D-lock near the parkrun start/finish area. There are toilets at the park, perhaps another 500m south of the parkrun start/finish area.

The course is fairly straightfoward and consists of two anticlockwise laps of Lillydale Lake. The north end of the lake has two paths - you start on the outer (and lower) path, come around again on the inner path and then finish on the outer path. It's lovely and flat except for the hill at the start (which you barely notice, even when you come around again for the second lap), and another that is just before halfway (and also just before the end) that is steepish but very, very short.

Lillydale Lake parkrun -  graphic by Veloviewer.

Also, I have a new favourite way of presenting courses and routes - Veloviewer! The 3D images can now be directly shared to social media, and Ben (the creator) sorted out an issue with the privacy zones from Strava pretty quickly once it was pointed out to him. It uses Strava data, so you need to be on Strava to use Veloviewer. Check out the Veloviewer blog "About" page for more information and a great overview of the site.

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