Sunday, February 23, 2014

Strava Challenge Time: The CyclingTips February Fifteen

I've been getting into Strava a bit more lately, mainly as I'm actually riding and running with other Strava users and not just using the site independently of the real world. So I've been paying a bit more attention to the Challenges - getting in 130km rides in for the monthly Gran Fondo series, and trying to improve upon the amount of riding and running I do each month by comparing each month's Monthly Training Series tallies.

Occasionally there are other challenges, involving covering a particular distance or total elevation over a defined period. From tomorrow, I'll be hoping to spend 15 hours on my bike over seven days as part of the CyclingTips February Fifteen challenge. It's why I didn't go for a long ride today (and thus why I got a bit lazy during the week and put off my long run until today). Further, it's a battle between Australia and (the rest of) The World. While we typically have lovely warm weather in February, compared to our friends in the northern hemisphere, The World kicked arse last year.

Now I'm still doing Jantastic, so I need to juggle my three runs (including a long run in which I'm hoping to cover 16km, although I only entered 12km into Jantastic) with saddle time. If I commuted to work I know that I could easily get the 15 hours done, but I work from home and spending time on the bike and not on the thesis could become a little hard to justify... so I'm going to get my extra hours done BEFORE my regular rides, and then do a few extra things. Hopefully it won't be unmanageable!


Today's postponed ride will consist of a trip into the city (~1hr), a ride with the GirlRide group (1.5hrs), and a trip back home (~1hr). Of course, if I get up an extra half-hour earlier and leave at 5am, then I can add another 30 minutes to the tally.
3 hours


The Maling Room Ride (typically ~2hours including commute time), but I am counting on getting an 30 minutes in beforehand if I leave home at 5am.
2.5 hours (and a total of 5.5 hours)


Long run day. Maybe a sneaky half-hour as part of a post-run doughnut hunting exercise.
0.5 hours (total of 6 hours)


The regular Box Hill Breeze ride (typically ~1.5hours including commute time), but with an extra half-hour beforehand and another half-hour afterwards (or however long it takes me to get to the bottom of a local hill).
2.5 hours (total of 8.5 hours)


Speedwork day - I think 400m repeats are on the schedule. I'm thinking that I need to sneak in a quick trip to the shops.
0.5 hours (total of 9 hours)


parkrun day! I haven't made my way to parkrun on my bike at all this month (I was chasing PBs and took the dog), but it typically takes me 45 minutes to get there and 50 minutes on the way back. I'm not particularly keen on the idea of more riding before the run, but I think I could easily add another 30-60 minutes to the trip home. Especially since I want to explore a potential long-run route starting from Westerfolds Park. And possibly stop by Doncaster Westfield to pick up some Lush products.
2.58 hours (total of 11.58 hours)


Long ride day - I "only" need about 3.5 hours to make it if all goes to plan. I plan to head out to the Dandenongs to visit the Puffing Billy Great Train Race course, which is a 70km out-and-back exercise. Depending on how much time I need to make up, I could take a detour through some of the climbs in the area!
3.5 hours (total of 15.08 hours)

Good luck me!

P.S. Berwick Springs parkrun have (surprise, surprise) parking problems! Although I thought they'd run into problems if they exceeded 50 parkrunners, but it's taken over 250!

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