Saturday, January 4, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It's been a while since my last post - since then I've started to log over 130km on the bike each week since my last post, although I haven't been doing that much running as I've just been doing parkrun really!

I must admit that only doing parkrun, and going hard each time is incredibly draining when there are Christmas Day and New Years Day parkrun events - 4 hard runs in two weeks with no running endurance base really took it out on my legs. They felt like lead on 2nd January, and so I ended up just cruising during the bike ride with the ladies (although there were a couple of Strava segments on the way to and from the ride where I was chasing PBs, so I pushed it a little tiny bit). Despite being super slow on the hills, it was nice to just cruise up and not mash the pedals.

I took it easy at parkrun today - legs still weren't up for a hard run, so I went easy and long. Also tried to run without my orthotics, and while I managed to do so pain-free for the first 3km, the next kilometre became a bit uncomfortable and the 5th was a bit of a struggle. I got back to the car and swapped in my orthotics for the actual parkrun, cruising along while chatting to a few others who were new to parkrun.

With the close of 2013, and the start of the New Year, it's also an apt time to assess my goals. Last year I wanted to break 25 minutes for 5km. I got close at Curl Curl parkrun with 25:05 and I seemed to be happy with that and didn't really feel the need to chase it again! I lost fitness as I prepared to move back to Melbourne, and the fastest I ran was 25:54 at a Berwick Springs parkrun trial run. While I ran a half-marathon and almost cracked the 2-hour mark (2:00:08), I only decided to enter the half with a few weeks to go and so didn't really mind that I missed the 2-hour mark by 8 seconds. Instead I was delighted with my pacing for my first half!

This year I have a few more running goals:

  • 23:30 for a flat 5km
  • 24:30 at Westerfolds parkrun
  • 49:30 for 10km 
  • 1:49:00 for a half-marathon
  • get down to 75kg
  • ditch the orthotics.
I also would like to enter a few runs in Melbourne such as the Puffing Billy Great Train Race, and the Run for the Kids (just because I would run over the Bolte Bridge, which I have a soft spot for). I also plan to enter the RunMelbourne 10km and the half-marathon that supports the Melbourne Marathon. I started getting back into long runs today, so I just need to stick to it.

Once I finish my thesis I'll be properly shopping for a road bike. Currently loving the idea of a Trek Domane but need to test ride it first. I enjoyed the Specialized Tarmac and Amira, with the Tarmac having internal cable routing (which I love) at all levels while you need to spend a bit more to get the same on the Amira (the SL4 Expert which is comparable in price to the Domane 5.2, the lowest level with internal cable routing). I had a lot of fun on a Specialized Venge, but it would be far too stiff for long rides. I also would like to try a Cannondale CAAD10 (because I've heard so many good things about it) and a BMC Gran Fondo. The BMC would be the most expensive as it's a road bike with disc brakes, but disc brakes sounds like a good idea for my fingers - it's almost been a year since the lab injury and I still need to stretch them regularly. :(

So those are my plans for 2014. Happy New Year!

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