Wednesday, October 23, 2013


After taking a week off from running, I headed out to Lysterfield Lake on Sunday for a 10km run with the Casey-Cardinia Runners. I struggled. Although it was mainly due to pace as the group is faster than me, so I wouldn't have felt too bad if I checked in with my watch once in a while!

It was a lovely morning for a run, and the local kangaroos were out too. I stopped counting how many I saw during the run when I got up to 20. If you're ever at Lysterfield Lake and looking for the native wildlife you'll need to head into the narrower trails, such as the Tramline Track that we took on the western side of the lake.

There was also a mob of kangaroos on the drive out of the park, I had to wait for them to pass so that I could leave!
And apparently "mob" is the correct collective noun.

Given I haven't been running that often lately, I should have struggled over the distance. The last time I ran over 10km was in early August! My legs were feeling a bit sore on Monday, so I just stretched them out and spent some time on the foam roller. While I generally felt better on Tuesday, I noticed that my stupid inner-thigh tightness had returned. I hadn't been on my bike since the run, so it's definitely a running problem. So I spent last night self-massaging my inner thighs and now am nicely bruised! Hopefully I'll be right for the Westerfolds parkrun launch on Saturday!

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