Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just some general parkrun plans...

My last post indicated that I would be getting more into running and cycling - instead the opposite ended up happening. Muscle tightness in the left glute and inner-thigh for most of the following week resulted in most of my exercise being walks with the dog! This week was a bit better - I had the Berwick Springs parkrun launch to look forward to, so I went out for a ~6km run early in the week. I intended to go for another run mid-week, but the tightness was more or less there, so I spent the time stretching and walking the dog!

When parkrunday rolled around, I headed over to Berwick Springs. So did another 123 parkrunners and many wonderful volunteers!

A gorgeous parkrun day!
Sorry about the Instagram filter!

As expected, parking around the finish area was very busy - but I ended up parking near the start line, which is where I parked the last time I visited Berwick Springs parkrun. At least I now know that there is sufficient parking for ~150 attendees, although I did notice a few locals staring at the number of cars! I wonder if a letter-box drop was undertaken...

The run itself was OK for me - I was aiming to run at under 5:30km/min pace, but it ended up being a 5:19 average with a much faster first 2km than the rest of the course. So I did eventually settle into 5:30, but it took me a while. Finished it in just over 27 minutes - while I am trying to ease off, I have lost quite a bit of fitness in the past month or so. I've also noticed a return of my saddlebags in the photos taken at parkrun the past couple of times. Excess weight never makes running easier!

Finishers and finish-line volunteers.
No filter used here - so you can see how beautiful the day really was!

I have two weeks to sort out my before the Westerfolds parkrun kicks off, and it's important that I pace myself there thanks to the presence of a nasty-looking hill at about 3.5km. I've only looked at the elevation profile, but I'm sure it won't be easy!

I also have a plan cooking my head to help me improve my fitness. Here's a clue:

Figured it out? Well, I am considering cycling to Westerfolds Park, completing parkrun, and then cycling home. There are a few nice climbs both ways - so I should be nicely warmed up upon arrival. I'll probably become a post-parkrun coffee regular in order to give myself a bit more of a recovery before tackling the hills on the way home - it is ever so slightly more uphill on the return trip, so I'll need to make sure I can do it!

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