Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cycling time!

I haven't been able to do much cycling this year due to my silly hand injury, and I really did miss it! I was also a bit sad that I didn't get much riding done in August - while my hands had settled down, I only got one ride in before the move away from Sydney. My first week in Melbourne was mostly bike-less, it arrived in time for me to use it to get to the local polling booth (and to do a quick test-ride to see how it coped travelling from Sydney). I then used it again mid-week to go to the post office, and I finally got out on a ride today!

Weeee!!!! I can't remember if it was the Bicycle Network forum or the Melbourne Cyclist groups, but I stumbled upon the Tenax Ride and decided it was the perfect ride for me. Fortnightly and at set speeds, with the lowest (25 kph) seeming achievable over their ~55km course. Sure there are ride groups much closer to home, but their slowest speeds start at 27-28kph, and their courses are far hillier!

The point of the Tenax Ride is to keep a consistent speed - which I think I did (except for traffic lights at the start f the ride, a puncture stop, the mid-way break, and running out of legs in the last km or two). Hands behaved well too - when I did the ride to La Perouse in August, I remember pulling out of the lights quickly and having hand pain. None of that happened today - although I did get general numbness and tingles for the last 5-10km during today's ride. I blame it on a lack of conditioning - it was all over my hands and not just where my lab injury occurred.

I was pleasantly surprised to have maintained a speed above 25kph most of the way, and now am looking forward to the next ride in a fortnight! They do more than just the fortnightly ride, but at this stage I'm inclined to just do that until I'm 100% comfortable in the saddle for the entirety of a ride - no dead legs or anything of the sort!

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