Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back home

I've had a busy couple of weeks moving back to Melbourne. I have a thesis to write, and it's far cheaper to do this at home then in Sydney, paying ridiculous Sydney rent! I went for a run last week, just to the local athletics track and back (about 6km), and then the removalist dropped off my things on Friday. So I spent the next few days unpacking.

I'd found out about a local running group a few months ago. Running in the Burbs (RITB) sounded perfect for me. While they would have a long run on Saturdays which I wasn't too keen on (it clashes with potential time at parkrun), they did have a Monday run from my closest swimming pool and they do speedwork on Wednesday nights at the athletics track. So I joined their run last night for their 8km run around Nunawading/Blackburn.

I may not have liked the course too much (pavement), but the pace was perfect, and the elevation profile sufficient to stop me worrying about losing any hill-climbing form I may have gained in Sydney too quickly. My pace was fairly consistent during the run, with the last 2 km being a touch slower than the first 6 or so.

I plan to do some speedwork at some point, but I think I'd rather do it on my own than with RITB at this stage. Also, my right hip's been playing funny-buggers (I think it's from the lifting of boxes, and then the sitting to write up thesis), so I'm not sure I want to start speedwork just yet. I'll go for another run tomorrow or Thursday and see what it feels like when I stride out. Just need to find a place for speedwork, as the local athletics isn't exactly accessible unless I start fence-jumping!

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