Sunday, September 29, 2013

A fairly quiet week for me...

Two runs and a ride is all I did this week - partly due to a couple of horrible mornings in Melbourne, especially Thursday (Saturday would have been OK but my plan was to meet up with the Tenax group in Port Melbourne, and the weather didn't look that favourable PLUS I had to be back home for a 30th during the day).

At the 30th I found that one of my high school friends, H, was looking fabulous! She'd been working on losing weight the last time I saw her earlier in the year, and now she looks amazing! So we all pigged out on sandwiches and cake. Ha! But it really got me thinking about being more diligent with my running and riding... but then I watched the women's World Championship road race at night and slept in today.

One of my runs this week was with the Running In The Burbs crew, and we did the same route as last time - a loop of Canterbury Rd, Blackburn Rd, Burwood Hwy and Springvale Rd. It's a nice loop due to its rolling hills, but I think I'm over the running on concrete thing! Also, I'm not sure I like running in the evening when all my other runs and rides are in the morning. Sorry, RITB, but our love affair may already be over!

Wednesday was a gorgeous day, and coupled with some calf soreness, meant that I decided to just go for a run rather than pursue the speedwork I'd started a couple of weeks ago. I headed east, knowing that I wouldn't hit Bellbird Dell but also knowing that I'd like to build up to running to there again. My love affairs with speedwork never last long once I realise I could be running to lovely places instead of doing more intense work that ultimately covers less ground!

Old Strathdon Orchard - a heritage area in Forest Hill, just east of Springvale Road. It can connect to Bellbird Dell via patches of land classified as "Public Acquisition Overlay 3". Not completely sure what that means, but it'd be lovely if it that section could all be (re)developed as bushland...

Thursday morning was meant to be a Breeze ride - I joined them last week on Thursday and Sunday and enjoyed it (despite the 5.45am start on the Thursday and 5.30am start on the Sunday), but the weather this week was horrible on Thursday. I still got up at the required time, but ended up spending most of the morning behind the computer sorting out thesis files and checking the radar. It never did clear up sufficiently to go out for a ride. When the rain did pause, the wind would make me reconsider if I really wanted to go out on the road!

I eventually did get my bike onto the road on Friday. I was alone and absolutely loved it. Riding with a group is great to get to know a new route (and my ride on Friday did follow the Thursday Breeze route initially) and a new town, but I think I do like to just ride on my own. I know how to fix a flat (I just change tubes, and I carry two spare tubes), so I'm all set really. :) There are a couple of hills in the area that I'll regularly ride - and I do love how I can automatically check my progress with each ride thanks to Strava and can select favourite segments to keep an eye on.

Strava might become my new way of sharing activities - I do like the summary it produces (the "39.8km, 01:31:15, 346m" thing) and that embedding into blogs is super-dooper easy (no need to screen grab and then upload an image onto Blogger - Strava just produces some html code that you pop into the entry).


Although I do enjoy tinkering with the data on SportTracks.... so you might get a bit of a mix of Nike, Strava AND SportTracks. Ha! 

Tinkering on SportTracks: I'm just looking at my current goal hill - going west along Canterbury Road between Heatherdale and Mitcham/Boronia Roads. The big brown thing is elevation, the blue is my speed and the green is my cadence. There's a service lane at the start of the hill that I use, but then I need to time my re-entry onto the main road (that's the first drop in cadence) and then I slowed down close to the top due to a red traffic light.

And that was about it with my exercise attempts this week. I stayed up on Friday in an attempt to watch the U23 road race (fell asleep and watched the end of it the next day in the evening), Saturday morning's weather made joining the Tenax group a gamble I didn't want to participate in (given I need to drive to their meeting point, and I didn't want to drive over for a non-ride) plus I needed to be back home for the 30th. Then I stayed up for the women's road race (and successfully stayed up, so I slept in BIG TIME today), and I'll be doing the same thing tonight for the men's road race! I was meant to go trail running this morning, but my left sartorius is misbehaving again so I'll be taking it super easy on any runs and seeing if it's cycling that sets it off (unlikely, but who knows?!?)

Here's to a more consistent week next week!

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