Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to St Peters parkrun

The last time I spent my Saturday morning at parkrun was in late March - and I haven't been doing any kind of speedwork or tempo runs in the past couple of months, so I was unsure of what to expect when I turned up at parkrun this morning (and I only turned up because I happened to wake up at about 6.30am). I knew I was long-distance fitter (despite blowing up last week's Sunday morning at 13km as I hadn't quite recovered from the previous afternoon's hilly 10km hash run), but I wasn't sure if I could hold on to a faster pace for 5km.

I think my Nike pace map shows you clearly what happened.

In case it isn't obvious, my parkrun took a leaf out of the "Go out too bloody hard too bloody early" book. The fact that my last km was my slowest (despite the famous St Peters hill being in the 3rd km) speaks VOLUMES. VOLUMES I tell ya. I was about to walk at 4.5km, but then thought better of it. After all, what's the point of running too damn hard early on if not to test how much it actually hurts?!?

Ended up with a parkrun PB. Yes, this week's version of the parkrun course has 3-4m less climbing than the normal course (there's quite a bit of construction and stuff happening at Sydney Park, so the course tends to change), but I still got about a 30s PB and it was my first time under 26 minutes!

I'm tempted to try Curl Curl parkrun next week to see if I can get closer to 25 minutes as that course is far, far flatter! Or maybe I could do one more St Peters parkrun next week to get used to this whole 5km business again (and get a couple of mid-week tempo runs in over the next two weeks) and go to Curl Curl on August 24th!

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