Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back on the bike

Two posts in two days! Please, don't grow used to it!

I haven't been able to ride since November as I was a) initially away, and b) later injured. Developed the hand injury in the lab and found I couldn't curl my fingers or they'd cramp (it was very painful in the beginning and I couldn't even type!). Now I still have the occasional problem if I hold onto something too tightly, but am generally OK as long as I don't overuse my hands. Given the need to hold onto handlebars to steer a bike, you can understand why I haven't been on it!

With most of my running group away at City2Surf, I decided to attempt a bike ride. The signs were positive straight away when I didn't need to come out of my seat to get out of the driveway (there are three levels of car park - one at street-level, one accessed by a street-level ramp but is one level below street-level, and another accessed by a different street-level ramp but is two levels below street-level). We can't use the street level one as bikes would end up in the foyer and that's a no-no according to strata rules. The second car park exits onto a more busy street than the third car park with the steepest driveway, I prefer the quiet street exit.

I decided to take it easy and just go directly to La Perouse and back - it's a fairly straight-forward 20km with no significiant climbs.

Hmmm... N-S routes don't map very nicely on the Nike+ website. Also, now all my alerts for run PBs are going to be useless on my watch... but at least I get to map my rides, and I prefer having that than the fireworks for PBs (actually, it just means I need to go out for a ride in order to receive some Nike+ fireworks!

I did do a few loops inside the carpark and knew that as long as I kept my hands relaxed, I'd only have to worry about my cycling fitness! My aim was to cycle at ~80 rpm so that I could have a balance between going too fast and going too hard, and it worked as I made it home fairly comfortably. I think I'll only have the one slice of toast next time! And I only had a problem with my hands ONCE. I was trying to leave some lights quickly just to see how my legs were doing, but my hands ended up letting me down.

It was nice to get back on the roads again. I suspect my long-distance running will now become exceptionally dull...

Chilling out for a few minutes at La Perouse. I just sat there for a bit, enjoying the sunshine, the view and a few chats with locals who were also making the most of the morning!

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