Sunday, August 25, 2013

5 seconds away...

Two weeks ago I ran a PB at parkrun St Peters, covering the 5km in 25:54. My goal for this year has been to run a sub-25 5km, so that run showed that I was progressing despite the lack of specific (or any) training! I decided to go to parkrun Curl Curl yesterday to have a proper hit out at 5km - the course is flatter and would give me a good indication as to how fast I could cover 5km without terrain getting in the way.

25:05. Yup. I'm actually very close to my goal! I only need to shave 1 second of my pace for each kilometre to get there. I think that if I ran the course again, I might get to my goal. You can see I went out a little TOO hard at the start. I think that happens when you don't know exactly where you're running, you try and keep pace with the group until your body registers that you really are going too quickly for sustain it for 5km!

Despite the great run yesterday, I'm not actually sure when I'll next have an opportunity to run the Curl Curl course. I'm moving back to Melbourne soon, so perhaps my sub 25 will have to happen at the most convenient parkrun down there - the super flat Albert Park run. No excuses given how flat it is! Although it won't be as small as the little boutique parkrun that Curl Curl is. :)

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