Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The last long run(s)

After the Nike 10km on Saturday night, I didn't feel up to a long run on Sunday, so I put it off until Monday - I figured I would run into the city and then do a 10km course with Nike Run Club.

Things got off to a bad start when I was distracted writing an email to my supervisors (which really isn't a distraction as it's something that should take priority over running). I had planned to leave at 5pm so that I would have plenty of time to get to Nike, sign up, eat something and head off for a 10km loop. Instead I left at 5.10pm... I decided I needed a coffee (true, I had been doing a lot of driving, labwork and mind-numbing data entry), needed to change and hadn't prepared my bag yet. It was going to be my first run with my newish hydration bag, although all I carried in it were a few extra layers for after Nike Run Club, honey shots (what I eat during runs) and my usual money/ID/mobile phone/ziploc-bag combination.

I found running with the bag perfectly fine - next time I'll add the hydration bladder and about 500mLs of water. What went a little off was my (bad) tendency to run with the lights - even if they don't follow my planned route. Usually it doesn't matter, but I really should have stuck with the plan so that I would make Run Club in time.

I made it to Nike just as the last runners were leaving the store - I actually ran in, scrawled my name on the list as they told us off (there were a few latecomers), threw my bag into the bag storage area, and ran up to Hyde Park. I didn't bother stamping my t-shirt card (although some one else bothered - seriously, you're annoying them by being late, but you want your free t-shirt too!?!?!?) I should have had a honey shot in my pocket to eat while waiting at Hyde Park, but I didn't. So after 7km, I was going to do another 10km, knowing I would probably run out of running juice in my legs. :( Which I did.

Now I know long runs are meant to be slow - but I do like the Nike Run Club runs! So perhaps the running juice could have lastest with a slower pace... but I was already in the slowest pace group. I ran out of legs at about 8km, but I knew there was a water tap under Pyrmont Bridge. I figured I'd have a breather there, take on some fluids and hopefully hold on for the last 2km. I made it to the tap, had a drink, saw a 6'00" pace group tailender coming up and asked if he was going for the whole 10km (others had taken the stairs at Pyrmont Bridge as a shortcut), which he was and so I joined him. But I just continued to struggle - I spotted an exit point, told the guy I was completely out and made my own way back to Pitt St Mall, via stairs and the bottom of Market St. Exactly what tired legs want.

I did walk part of the way back - it was only the stairs and the first few steps up Market St... but I was a bummed about not making the whole 10km. Once I reached the first lights of Market St I bumped into the 5'30" pace group. Caught them again (although by cheating this week). They kicked once they turned the corner onto Pitt St, but I was happy to just jog along.

In the end, I'm not too unhappy about managing 15km without adding food - and I still almost covered 17km fron the run(s) - 20km if I include the morning's run in the new shoes. I also knew that was my last long run before the half, so that I wouldn't feel like that again until the half marathon!

Once I got home, I felt last week's nausea returning, this week including the post-run chills (something I am used to getting from long morning cycles). So this week I decided to start with miso soup as soon as I got home, then had a hot shower (and piled on layers of warm, dry clothes), made dinner (while googling reasons for extended post run nausea - found sugar depletion was probably the likely reason for mine), and had dinner while guzzling a bottle of lemonade I forgot I had. After a couple of hours everything returned to normal - I took off some of my layers, and I had zero nausea the next day. :)

Summary: 7.2km @ 6'35"/km and 9.6km @ 6'27"/km

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