Friday, May 31, 2013

Still ill... but at least I got a run in!

I did get out for a run on Monday evening with the Coogee-Bondi runners, but by Wednesday I had reverted to a dry cough and mild headaches that made everything but staying in bed sound horrible!

There was a bit of light rain, but I was itching to go for a run. I hadn't taken the Triumphs for a wet run yet, so it was time to see how they felt in such conditions. I hate starting downhill, so I didn't get started until I reached the bottom of Alison Road - and even by then the GPS still hadn't picked up a signal. This seems to be a regular occurrence when it's cloudy (and thus also when it's raining), but the mapping shows that it doesn't lose the signal under these conditions once it's got it.

We meet up outside the Coogee Sands Hotel, and head off at about 6.30pm. It doesn't take very long to split into two groups - the fasties and the slowies. There were really three slowies in the group of seven, but two dropped off after Clovelly (and made their way back, I assume), so it was just me and one of the faster runners who sat back with us. While the full route goes past Tamarama Beach to Marks Park, I was more than happy to run to end of Bronte Beach (to the bus stop, as I like to touch my turn around point to make sure I've reached it) before making our way back.

I did have my headlight with me - and having run this course last winter, I welcomed actually being able to see the road on the section between Calga Reserve and Bronte Beach. It's a section of road that has been cut into the sandstone (I think - I'm not familiar with Sydney geology*) so it doesn't receive any kind of moonlight and lacks street lighting. There's also a small dark section as you go into Gordon's Bay from Coogee, which was a lot easier being able to see where to go.

We made it back to Coogee Sands about 10 minutes ahead of the faster group, so I think I can push to start of Tamarama Beach (without descending) next time! Provided I'm feeling OK, of course! Then I ran home, walking up Alison Road as a warm down :P. The Triumphs were fine - didn't have any slippery moments (unlike the Nike LunarSwift, which is not fun on moist concrete downhills), and felt fine despite walking through a puddle early on while trying to deposit my rubbish in the apartment block bins!

Summary: 9.8km @ 6'43"/km

*Although I know where to find the geological maps, I don't care that much about it. In fact, I have a copy of the maps next to the office doorway at uni.

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