Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Now for some speed

When I went to collect my bib for the SMH Half Marathon on Saturday, I parked right outside World Square on George Street and paid for 45 minutes of parking. I guessed it would take me less than 5 minutes to get to town hall and back, and my experience as a volunteer for the Blackmore's Running Festival told me 40 minutes was more than enough to collect a bib if it was busy.

Once I got there I found it very empty and I collected my bib straight away. So I had a wander around the expo, bought the Nathan fuel belt with two bottles (which I used for the first time the next day during the half, and it didn't bother me at all once I moved it onto my waist) and found my way back to the start. As I still had over 30 minutes of parking left, I joined to queue for the Virgin Active InBody Tracker.

There was little information gained in doing this, but I like numbers and stats, so it was fun. The Tracker confirmed that I was:
a. a bit overweight (on all fat measurements)
b. carry my excess weight on my hips and bum (see Segmental Fat and very high WHR)
c. have relatively strong legs (see Segmental Lean) - this is why I was always better at hammer and discus than shot-put and javelin
d. well hydrated (see Body Composition Analysis) - I was being very diligent with my water intake last week, and I was happy to see that it showed.

As I said, nothing overly new (aside from the confirmation of my regular water intake last week). But now that I have completed the half marathon and want to get some speed into me, I really need to start to lose the excess - and make sure that I do not put any on, which is something that some PhD students seem to do in the writing up phase of their research. I understand why - it's easier to eat readily available food and very easy to lose track of time. 

In my case, I'm still driving all over town to get my data processed so I need to figure out the best way of avoiding peak hour traffic, getting regular exercise in (for weight loss and for strength - while my legs may be my strongest limbs, I still need to get my muscles firing better for stability purposes), and spending time preparing meals in bulk that I can keep in the freezer and defrost as required.

So here are my commitments for the next 16 (16!) weeks:
1. Follow the Runners World SmartCoach plan for 5km races
2. Go to the gym three times a week
3. Swim twice a week (depending how my shoulder's doing)
4. No excessive junk food (I can't be perfect all the time).

I'm hoping not to have to use a calorie counter as they do tend to take up a bit of time to get the most out of them. But we'll see how I am tracking after four weeks. 

As for how much to lose… that's something I've always struggled with. Even if I was fit, I would still be somewhat heavy due to being tall and big boned (not an excuse, I have a wrist diameter of 17cm and ought to stick to large sized tops due to the size of my shoulders, but am naughty and buy medium ones if they don't need to look properly tailored). The InBody Tracker recommended 6.3kg of fat loss, which means getting to about 77kg. This doesn't sound unreasonable, and will now be my goal weight.

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