Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New shoes!

I bought some new shoes on Saturday from The Running Company on Bondi Beach. I bought my old runners there two years ago, and really liked the store. Just like last time, I had my barefoot run on a treadmill recorded - while I overpronate a bit, it's not as bad as I thought (but still noticeable). I do land far on the outside of my foot, and moreso on my left, which was exactly what I thought. They had a look at my old shoes and noted the weirdish wear pattern I have from my outside to inside rolling, and decided it'd be best if I stuck to a neutral shoe.

While I may have felt that I needed more support, the more supportive shoes would push my feet out (to prevent excessive rolling in), but also make my landing worse over time as the shoes aged. I made sense, so I tried a few netural shoes on.

First up was the Saucony Triumph 10, which I instantly liked. The ankle cut/heel cup was lower than what I was used to with the Wave Ride, and made me feel exposed and worried about my ankles rolling! But they felt springy and far more stable at the front of the shoe than my 300km Wave Rider 14s (let's not even think about my retired 600km pair), they also felt good on the treadmill and the video showed that I was actually quite stable in them. And no heel slippage either, which I thought might happen with the lower cut!

We then tried the Asics Nimbus 14 - the second I stood up in them I found they were really firm, stiff and I felt like the heel was in the way. I haven't looked at the stats on the shoe, but it probably has a higher toe-heel differential than the Saucony pair. I tried them on the treadmill anyway, and while I was stable in them I felt like I really to fight to heel to made on my preferred mid-foot. That being said, if I was ridiculously tired or running downhill on concrete all the time, these shoes would be fabulous. The heel may have felt clunky and high, but I found that it would push down well when force was applied. The heel itself was not that stiff and firm - it had great cushioning, and if I was a heel-striking runner, I'd probably love those shoes.

Finally we tried the New Balance 890v3. My first impression was that they were really, REALLY lightweight. My second impression was that they fit more like my Wave Rider pairs, where the inside of my forefoot was slide/rotate inwards. We had a go on the treadmill, and while the heel didn't bother me, they didn't feel as good as the Asics or the Saucony pairs. The video also showed that I wasn't stable in them AT ALL, with a return of my collapsed arch/inward ankle rotation.

I ended up taking the Saucony pair home - although I will buy bright yellow laces when I see them as I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the pink (of which there really isn't much!)

I took the shoes for a spin on Monday morning - I needed to visit my desk at uni to pick up a few samples before going into the Manly lab later in the morning. I did take a slightly longer way to uni (otherwise it would have been less than 2km), and enjoyed being able to land on my forefoot downhill! No pain whatsoever - no impact and no inward ankles and knees! They felt fine uphill too :P

I know they have a narrower fit than the Wave Rider, but I have a habit of lacing the forefoot quite tightly (thanks to the Wave Rider), and this was too tight for this pair. Bearable for my short run, but something to be aware of next time I take them for a run.

Summary: 3.5km @ 5'46"/km

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