Thursday, May 9, 2013

Keeping it easy

I had ridiculously tight calves on Tuesday night, and they were bothering me so much when I went for a run on Wednesday evening that I was limping at the start! I switched to a heel strike and after 20 minutes was finally able to get back on the forefoot. Annoying, but at least they loosened up before I had to climb out of Clovelly on my way to Coogee along the coastal walk. I quite like running along the coast - the hills and stairs make the run interesting, although the lighting in the evening is pretty bad in places.

I find I don't have as good night time vision when I wear my contact lenses, compared to wearing my glasses. And while I do run with my specs if I'm especially tired or have irritated eyes, I prefer to run with the contact lenses. I do miss the light when running along the coast after sunset! I'm also quite clumsy and can trip on the slightest bump - I've been very lucky so for the past year and have managed to get my next step in before falling completely. The last time I feel was about a year ago - a week or two before the Nike She Runs event, and my knees were disgusting gooey messes for a while... it was along one of the few dark patches of pathway along Alison Road.

I recently bought a head lamp - I am thinking of entering the night-time trail race around Manly Dam in August, so I bought one well in advance so I can get used to wearing it. I took it on my run on Wednesday night, and I loved being able to run along the section of Gordons Bay without worrying about tripping on the infrastructure. I was wearing it on top of my visor, but next time I might wear a cap and see if that helps with stability. While it never fell off, there were a few times I thought it might have been slipping.

Once I got home I spent a lot of time on the foam roller - plenty of Criminal Minds to keep me occupied while waiting for the Hannibal episode that wasn't shown in the US. I'm always better at staying on the foam roller if there's something on the TV. Hannibal is currently my favourite TV show. It's very lovely to look at, despite the content. I love a lot of the sets they use, especially Lecter's office.

Most of the crime scenes are amazing, while I won't be sharing any particularly bloody ones here, this is an example of a show that can make the ugly quite beautiful. Even the men's toilets.

Although one of my favourite sequences so far has been the stag Will dreamed about in the hospital.

While I woke up with bruises in the trouble spots this morning, I need to keep working on my legs - but there's nothing good on the TV tonight to get me into a good foam rolling session again. I will probably end up buying Hannibal when it comes out - that way I can get plenty of foam rolling done!

Summary: 5.4km @ 6'46"/km

All images from the Hannibal gallery.

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