Sunday, May 26, 2013

A blergh week

So much for saying that I am going to lose weight, strengthen my legs and commit to a running program, with additional exercise! I spent the week being sick, being hungry all day, and drinking lots of lemon and ginger tea. My exercise for the week consisted of a single gym session and one 6km run with the Nike Run Club from Warringah Mall (happily used the headlamp for this - and I saw someone else wearing one during the run, so I didn't feel so odd!). Am I allowed to also count multiple trips to the toilet? Thanks tea. I hate having a cold, being clogged up at the same time, and thus regularly drinking lemon and ginger tea to decongest!

I had planned to make the most of my labwork this weekend and go to parkrun Curl Curl, hoping to get a nice 5km time on their flat course. But I've been far too busy coughing and going through tissues (I usually use a handkerchief, but if I'm finding I need multiple handkerchiefs due to my spectacular mucous production skills, I go for the tissues).

At least I did get that run (and the gym) on Tuesday. Meanwhile, because I love doughnuts:

Not that I've been craving doughnuts this week - just tea and soup (so I've been having plenty of chicken, pumpkin and miso soups). I am hoping my coughing will have subsided by tomorrow night as I have been looking forward to rejoining the Coogee Runners group! 

Mileage for the week: 6.5km

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