Friday, May 17, 2013

2 sleeps to go!

I had to double- and triple-check that it was only two sleeps until Sunday morning's Half Marathon!

I've been struggling to sleep properly lately, mainly (wholly) due to PhD madness. This morning was no exception - I had plans to wake up at about 5.45am, get into my running gear, head over to the lab in Manly, get my water samples on for analysis and go for a run. Instead I woke up at 4.30am, couldn't get back to sleep, got into my running gear, went for a run, then showered, had breakfast and went to the lab.

In hindsight, it was probably for the best that I went for my run early and headed into the lab later - someone had picked up my standards (which I use to correct my analyses) from the desk I use and I couldn't start my run without them. Ended up getting the run on at 9:40am, compared to 8am if everything was where I left it (and where I expected it). A bit annoying, especially since I had expected the run to finish at about 9.30am on Saturday - meaning I could help out at Curl Curl parkrun, grab a coffee and then head into the lab. Instead, the run isn't going to finish until after 11am - and I don't have that much laboratory cleaning to do to fill up the time in between. So I had to cancel my Curl Curl parkrun volunteering. :(

As for my run - it was my first in a long time that started and ended before dawn. I used to be a regular pre-dawn runner last year over winter, and then I became a pre-dawn gym goer (although I would be on my walk back from the gym as the sun rose - a beautiful sight given home is east of the gym!) I looked at the temperature on the BOM website and figured long tights and a long sleeve top would be enough. Popped on the Wave Riders again - I'll be wearing them for the half, so I figured I may as well have another run with them and leave the breaking in of the Triumph 10s until next week. I wore the headlamp again, this time with a cap, which was a lot more stable than with the visor. Although the route I took was well-lit, so I had no need for the lamp!

I wore enough clothes, although I needed to tuck my hands inside my sleeves to start with. The cold was also an easy way to get me to slow down - I tend to struggle with slowing my pace down at times, but I find it a lot easier when your body is stiff due to having recently been asleep and the cold. By the time I was at the bottom of High Street and about to climb up, I was relatively well warmed up so I pushed up the hill. Unfortunately my shoelace came untied, so I decided not to stop until the pedestrian crossing just past halfway of the part of the climb that goes by uni. Once I got home, I spent some time stretching and even more time on the foam roller - I hope my left ITB doesn't cause any problems in a couple of days!

Summary: 5.3km @ 6'37"/km

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