Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Sunday Runs

Sunday is probably my proper long run day - although it's actually two runs, with a few minutes break inbetween. It started as an easy group run of about 5km from Victoria Park (hereby known as "The Run"), and then I decided to increase my mileage with a "Pre-Run", which others saw me finish up and expressed an interest in joining. So now we have the Pre-Run, followed by The Run (which will stay at 5km so that it is still accessible to any new runners).

I had originally mapped out a 7km Pre-Run loop that took us over the ANZAC Bridge, but could never get the end of the run quite right. I do have a good general sense of direction, so we explored new areas of Glebe at the end of the run. Last week I was away, so the group found a new way to finish the run!

This week I decided to take a slightly different route to the bridge, which when combined with the end the group took last week, took our group run closer to 8km. An extra lap around Victoria Park brought the run up to 8km. I'm hoping that we're not far away from a Harbour Bridge return loop of just over 10km. :)

The Run hasn't changed at all since I joined the group in November . It's a 5km loop around Blackwattle Bay and it tends to be a little slower than the Pre-Run as this is the run newer runners join, and we like to keep the group together. Of course, that doesn't stop the faster ones speeding up at the end because the traffic lights along Glebe Point Road bring us together again!

Summary: 8.0 km @ 6:09 min/km + 4.9km @ 6:22 min/km

Milage for the week: 33km

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