Sunday, April 14, 2013

The long-ish run and a bit

After covering just over 10km in one hit on Thursday, I'm not sure if I can still call Sunday my long run day. While I cover a greater distance on Sundays, it is split between two runs. Although I'm not sure if I'll really have the time to extend the distance on a weeknight. Anyway, back to the Sunday runs - which were the same courses as last week.

I covered the first course of 8km in 48:52 (so the average pace was 6:05/km), and decided to increase the pace for the last km - it ended up being close to 5min/km. The second run was a lot slower, which is what normally happens anyway - we covered the ~5km course in 31:50 (with an average pace of 6:25/km).

My legs felt like they had more kilometres in them, but I had to go to the lab after the run. Also, my mileage for the week was already at 10% more than the previous week's, and I'm being careful not to overdo the running by only increasing the mileage by 10%.

I'm looking forward to covering 10km + 5km next week (I'm changing the Anzac Bridge loop to a Harbour Bridge course for the next couple of weeks - and then we'll alternate between the two). I'm thinking of taking the bus in next week - that way I can add another 6km to the run next week if I run home. We'll see how I go during the week.

Finally - one of our runners, Thu, attempted both courses for the first time today and managed to finish both! She also PB'd yesterday at St Peters parkrun, although just missed out on going under 30minutes by a few seconds! I'd say she's had a great weekend with her running!

Summary: 8.0 km @ 6:05 min/km + 4.9km @ 6:25 min/km

Mileage for the week: 37km

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