Monday, April 8, 2013

Physio time!

It had been a while since I last saw the physio for leg issues - it may have been the week after City2Surf, so that makes it over seven months ago. I also have physio-prepared orthotics (instead of proper podiatrist-prepared ones), and I suspect they'd be close to two years old... so I decided to ask if it was about time I had them replaced. Unsurprisingly, the answer was, "Yes."

Now I have:

  • looser ITBs
  • new orthotics (although I should let them rest for a couple of days to recover from the heat gun treatment and moulding)
  • a recommendation to swap my fuchsia Mizuno Wave Rider 14s with my orange Mizuno Wave Rider 14s (as the fuchsia pair looked like they'd taken the brunt of my running and likely needed replacing in the near future)
  • a note that my right quad is still weaker than my left quad (I had surgery on the right knee about two years ago), especially the inner quad.
Here's to my life of foam rolling, shoe swapping and single leg lifts!

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