Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nike Run Club – Warringah Mall

On Monday and Wednesday nights, Nike takes over Sydney's streets with over 200 runners participating in their Run Club. They also have Run Clubs on Tuesday and Thursday nights at stores and pop-up shops  in Glebe, Broadway and Warringah Mall.

Today I had another hour of work at Sydney's northern shores, so I chose to join the Nike Warringah Mall Run Club. I didn't know what to expect, although I did know that it was a much smaller group than what Pitt Street Nike experiences. They had two groups at the Run Club: the "speedy" group, and a slower group. I said I was going to be part of the slower group, but as we were walking outside I was chatting to one of the girls who normally ran with the speedy group. She said that they typically ran at a pace of 10 to 11 km/h. This seemed manageable to me, so when we started running, I headed off with the speedy group.

My Nike GPS watch couldn't find a satellite until 2 km into the run! So as I was running with the speedy group, I have absolutely no idea what pays for running at. It felt like a solid pace, but I wasn't sure if I could sustain it for however far we were running. Eventually, my watch found a satellite. And because we were doing a out and back type of course, I figured that it didn't really matter that I had a delayed electronic start – even though I wasn't completely familiar with the area, and out and back course means that it is easy to figure out where you ran at the start because you are covering it at the end.

Of course, the one piece of information I was missing was how long it took for us to complete those first 2 km!  As it felt quite fast, and because there was a steep downhill, I am assuming that we covered those first kilometres at about 5:30 min/km. That was also the pace for the first electronic kilometre.  But, I suppose all I really care about is the distance covered, and if I felt like it was a good run.

In the end, I stuck with the speedy group and absolutely loved having someone to chase that I felt I could chase (you see, there is someone exceptionally fast who runs with us on Sundays – heck, he ran a half marathon in 80 minutes – and I do not understand why he chooses to run with us 6 to 6:30 min/km ladies, and so is an inapplicable hare in my opinion). I enjoyed the new (to me) course, and the attitude of the company. There was no coffee afterwards, and no stupid small talk. I enjoy running with groups as I end up running in places I wouldn't run if it was just me on my own.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to join Warringah Mall Run Club next week as I have no reason to be on north shore next week. But I will endeavour to schedule my north shore time the week after on Tuesday afternoon.

Summary: 7.51 km @ 5:51* min/km

*Meh, I'll just stick to the Nike+ website average pace.

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