Friday, April 19, 2013

My running history and my Mizuno Wave Rider 14s

I have been quite the stop-start runner since I started running in May 2011. My first break after I started was about two months after my arthoroscopy - I can't remember what happened. Actually, my dailymile entries reveal I had swollen knee fat pads. A month later I started up again and managed to run at least once a week... until I went home for Christmas!

I really didn't get going again until March last year, and managed one to three runs each week until the Nike She Runs event. I took a few weeks off running and when I restarted, I found I was bored of running. So I only went out once a week, and then once a fortnight until the City2Surf.

I then took another break until I finally joined the Inner West Joggers Meetup group - their Tuesday and Thursday runs were a bit difficult to attend, and their Sunday morning runs clashed with my cycling group. But I gave in and have been running fairly consistently since joining them in November 2012.

I've added 300km to my pink Wave Riders since then (and 100km to my orange ones) - bringing their total mileage to 600km (and 250km). I've been looking at some forums and found that most Wave Rider 14 users got anywhere from 500 to 600km out of theirs, with the occasional user getting up to 1000km from them. I am on the heavier side, and as my physio recommended I change my long-run (and more regularly used) pair from the pink to the orange, it seems like my pink pair are close to the end of their life.

The tread wear on both runners is actually very similar, despite the 350km difference! Most wear is on the outside at the front of the shoe - a clear indicator of how I roll (*chuckle*).

I think the 350km difference in the shoes is a little more obvious when looking at the heel cushioning of the shoe - I think my pink pair looks flatter laterally, so it doesn't support the inside of my heel like it used to. Or perhaps I'm just convincing myself there's a difference! I tend to change my gait from mid-foot strike to heel strike when either I am going downhill or my calves tighten up, so it's understandable that heel of the pink shoe is flatter than the orange shoe. I think this is what the physio spotted.

Now that I am running regularly, and increasing how far I run, I don't think that my next pair of runners will be of a neutral type, like the Wave Rider 14s (even if I do use my orthotics).  So I have started to look at motion control shoes - before my knee injury I used to use the Asics 21xx, and then moved onto Brooks Adrenalines for a couple of generations. After the knee injury I went for the super-cushy Adidas Adistar Salvations, which I then found impossible to run in.

Don't get me wrong, I have been happy with the Wave Riders - they got me running after my arthroscopy, and still work well for me on (what are now) shorter runs. But I feel that I need more arch support as I increase the distance of my long run to beyond the 14-15km that I have run so far!

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