Sunday, April 21, 2013

Loooong distance day

I've decided that I don't really do proper long runs as the distance covered on Sundays is split across multiple runs, but I'm sure it must count for something - even if there was an 8 minute gap between the runs (as was the case today). So instead of Sunday being "long run day", it's "long distance day."

As I didn't need to go into the lab post-run today, I decided to run to the group run. I left just after 6.15am, and by the time I walked to my start point (giving the GPS unit time to find a satellite) it was 6.19am. There is a lift involved in my exit, and I really should just take the stairs... Nevermind.

With the group run starting at 7am, I couldn't really dawdle as I had planned to, but just kept at a comfortable pace the whole way. I didn't look at my watch during the run as I was using the thumbholes in my long-sleeved top, so I didn't really know what pace I was running at. And when I did check (at about 3km in), I only checked how time time I had left!

It was nice to let go of my need to stop the watch at traffic lights - not that I actually had any real extended stops. It's really not important that every single run is carefully timed, but it's a bit sad that it took a cool morning and thumbholes to make me let go. And it wasn't even that cold this morning - other runners about at the time were in singlets. But I tend to be cold, and I never felt hot, so my long-sleeved top was the right choice for me.

The Pre-Run today was meant to be 10km - except the course I mapped out was originally 10.4km. I figured if I rounded, then it would be 10, and not 11, and thus I wouldn't be deceiving the others in the group. But then I decided that it would be nicer to return along King St Wharf than through the city, so it became 10.7km. But what we actually did ended up covering over 11km as we then decided to also return through Pyrmont!

If I consider the distances provided by Strava, Garmin Connect and dailymile, I covered 6.4 and 11.7km today (with the 8 minute break between them). This comes to 18km. Add another 3km, and we have a half-marathon. The SMH half is on in four weeks - and early bird entries close on Wednesday... so I am now seriously considering the half-marathon! I've put some feelers out on the internet, and we'll see what other runners (and non-runners) think!

Summary: 6.2km @ 6:13/km + 11.4 @ 6:27/km

Mileage for the week: 25.1 km
A drop in the mileage for the week after some shin soreness from Tuesday's concrete path run, and lots of rain yesterday morning. Maybe that's why I felt OK during today's run!

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